Trading forex in South Africa takes time, effort and knowledge to do it right.

Unlike other smaller countries with a more chaotic forex market, South Africa is known for its strong regulation and robust economic structure, creating the perfect environment to trade forex in South Africa. If you only have one income source right now, the quick day trading structure of the forex world might be a suitable secondary option to increase your resilience in life.

Trading Hours

Overall, the foreign exchange market is open 24hr around the clock throughout weekdays. However, depending on the currency pairs you target, you may need to navigate different time zones to find the best time to trade. It is best to find the time when both your target currencies are highly active, so you can make global decisions and keep the whole picture in sight. Also, the first 2 hours of a trading session usually demonstrate peak activities. Therefore, get yourself ready as the day begins.

Start with a Demo or Trial Account

If you’re new to forex trading, don’t jump into investing with real money just yet. Instead, start a demo account, also known as a trial account. These accounts are a trading mockup tool that doesn’t generate monetary losses, creating a lot less stress on new traders. This is also an excellent way to trial-and-error your trading strategy, research method, and other aspects of your investment.

Find a Reliable Broker

If you want to invest in forex in South Africa, you need a reliable, reputable, and licensed broker. Forex trading is entirely legal in South Africa as long as you’re paying the necessary taxes. If you work with a legitimate broker, they will often help you prepare your paperwork, so you’re in good standing with legality and compliance.

Adapting to changes quickly and predicting currency tendencies are two critical elements leading to successful trading activities, especially if you’re a day trader. And that’s why you need to do your research and learn to read and predict currency behaviors. Pay attention to your chosen pair and understand what may affect the currencies’ value.

Stay Calm When You Invest in Forex in South Africa

Keep your head cool as much as you can. This means not to panic when things aren’t going with your expectations. But it also means remaining collected and not greedy, and exit at the right time when conditions are met. In general, emotions are not favorable in the forex world. Instead, you should have a systematic approach that guides all your trading behaviors. And always make sure you have a stop-loss and an exit strategy.


It’s nothing new to trade forex in South Africa. However, it takes time, effort, and learning to do it right. Like all other investment methods, forex trading has a learning curve that requires a trade to be patient and consistent.

To invest in forex in South Africa, we recommend you focus on day trading. Customize your trading strategy around the currency pair you’ve chosen. Stay calm and never overlook the importance of research. Finally, start small, and gradually build profits up as you become more comfortable with the market.

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