Volume 5 | Issue 1 | Year 2002

As life gets more and more hectic in the 21st century, biotechnologists continue to search for more advanced methods for everyday people to combat stress and fatigue. Dimension One Spas of Vista, Calif., long a leader in hot tub technology, consistently meets the demand for newer and better ways for people to get just what the doctor might have ordered.

The effects of stress and fatigue are not only uncomfortable; they can lead to significant and debilitating health problems. One of the ways to combat the physical and emotional pain of stress and fatigue is through the use of hydrotherapy. No one knows this better than Dimension One Spas.

Hydrotherapy Innovators
The company built its business upon sound managerial and manufacturing practices – and its reputation has grown as a result. Today, Dimension One leads the industry in hydrotherapeutic technology and innovations. Some of the comforts and benefits of Dimension One‘s products include:

• A variety of powerful, strategically placed water jets, allowing spa users to customize their hydrotherapy sessions by choosing just the right amount of massage to soothe away the aches and pains of busy days; VCR jets allow control of water volume, pattern width and speed – from gentle to vigorous action
• A wide selection of spa sizes, to accommodate just the right number of people in the spa
• The energy-efficient and cost-effective Ultra Pure Water Management System, which continually filters and heats the water while ozonating it so that it remains clean and crystal clear, requiring minimal maintenance; and which automatically activates filtration and self-diagnostic programs, ensuring that the water is continually pure and safe
• The UltraLounge feature, which allows spa users to fully recline, thereby delivering contoured support for whole body comfort as intense hydrotherapy massages the neck, shoulders, back, wrists and feet
• The Dynamic Massage Sequencer, the only unit in the industry with innovative programmed sequence jet action; combined with the UltraLounge feature, it automatically delivers a moving cascade of massage patterns to the most critical muscle groups
• The SportZone seat, which is perfectly designed to offer an effective massage for aching hips, calves and thighs
• The MaxTherapy Seat, which provides wraparound seating that envelopes the entire upper body in total comfort
• The height-adjustable NeckFlex Jet Pillow — just what the doctor would order for aching necks and shoulders; it allows spa users to direct soothing jets to tense neck and shoulder muscles
• A scrolling message center, which helps guide spa users through the settings of every spa function
• State-of-the-art technology, which helps keep operating costs low while adding to the total experience.

Not only do these spas do the job they were designed to do; they do the job while looking good. Most spa models are available in GraniFlex Bluegrass, GraniFlex Caribbean Blue, GraniFlex Sahara and UltraLife White.

Of course, the benefits of owning a spa go far beyond the physical therapeutic advantages. Dimension One’s designers and engineers understand that the spas they design are excellent therapy for the emotions, along with functioning as gathering places for the family to meet and share their experiences of the day – or for close friends to meet and relax in the comfort of a stress-free zone.From managing symptoms of arthritis to helping lower blood pressure, hydrotherapy continues to gain new proponents every day. Professional athletes use hydrotherapy as part of their daily rigorous routines.

Dimension One offers the three top designs commonly used in the industry. These include the fully contoured ergonomic design, in which each seat is precisely molded for the ultimate in comfort and body support. Dimension One’s Chairman series is an example of this design.

The Chairman II, part of this series, is designed to accommodate six adults. It includes the company’s hallmark UltraLounge Personal Relaxation System with Dynamic Massage Sequencer, one SportZone Seat, one MaxTherapy Seat and three contoured seats. This model uses 12 VCR rotator jets, eight VCR directional jets, 10 mini-VCR rotator jets, six mini-VCR directional jets, one ozone jet, one typhoon jet and three NeckFlex Jet Pillows with two interchangeable mini-jets each. Using four jet systems, this model encompasses a total of 44 jets.

The second common design used in the industry is a barrier-free (or open-bench) seating arrangement, great for unrestricted movement and maximum seating capacity. An example of this design is the Nautilus, with a seating capacity of eight adults. This design offers two hydrotherapy seats and one cool-down seat. It has three jet systems, with a total of 33 jets.

The third design is exemplified in Dimension One’s Californian. This model offers the contoured comfort of the UltraLounge, along with the freedom of the barrier-free design. This model has a seating capacity of seven adults, with one hydrotherapy seat. It uses three jet systems and a total of 28 jets.

Comfort Zones
Hydrotherapy uses invigorating jets of hot water to increase circulation by causing blood vessels to dilate. This in turn allows oxygen and nutrients to rush to aching muscles, thereby releasing toxins from the body’s system. Stress levels drop, as do blood pressure levels.

It’s the science and technology that provides the foundation upon which rests these pleasurable spa experiences. Every Dimension One hot tub is made to withstand years of harsh weather and rigorous use. The company’s engineers design every spa to operate with minimal energy output. Specially engineered truss-plate technology ensures that every frame is durable and reliable. High-efficiency circulation pumps, state-of-the-art heaters and closed-cell polyurethane insulation guarantee the lowest operating costs of any hot tub on the market.

Dimension One has continually exceeded customers’ expectations since its beginnings in 1977. The reason for the company’s success rests upon its commitment to its mission to listen to what customers want – and then design a spa to meet and exceed those needs. The company’s warranty guarantees to meet these customer challenges as well. Plus, Dimension One’s network of knowledgeable national dealers helps assure customers that they will have the help they need when they need it.

Dimension One will continue bringing to market the spas consumers need to meet their specific health requirements. It will do so by doing what it does best: Listening to consumers and delivering beyond their expectations.

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