Starting your own company and working for yourself can be very rewarding.

While some people may do fine working for another company, others may find they thrive more when they can be their own boss. Before you can spread your wings and start making money from creating your own business, you first need to figure out what company or role you wish to fulfill.

This may be based upon the experiences you already have in your working life, based upon an interest that you have previously had outside of your employment, or even in a completely different direction that you’ve always wanted to experiment with. Either way, doing your research and becoming fully informed and prepared, before you decide to launch your company, can be a great way of meeting with success.


Starting your own decorating company can be extremely rewarding if you’re good with a paintbrush and know of a few people who have projects for you to start with. Building up a client base can be accomplished via word of mouth, or even advertising both in print and using social media. Many people thrive in the decorating industry. George Leon explains why starting a painting business can be a good idea, especially when it allows you to build on a skill while earning a decent amount of money for your family – click the link for more.

Within this business, you can decide whether you want to work on your own, or gradually build up a team of dedicated employees. This team is, however, not essential, as decorators can do very well working solo.


If you have a penchant for the outdoors, and know which plants are perennials, you could have the start of your own gardening company. Many people either do not want to spend time tending their plants or, for the older people in your community, may no longer have the ability to keep their garden how they like it. You may be responsible for cutting grass, laying new grass, trimming bushes and plants, and potting them to the owner’s specifications.

For this, you may also wish to invest in trousers with knee padding, as there is a chance your knees will get sore when spending long periods kneeling by the flowerbeds.


Some people may have spent a few months cutting their own hair, either due to the unavailability of stylists or simply to save money throughout the period of the pandemic. If you find that you enjoy working with hair, you may wish to undergo training on how to cut, dye, and style hair, and turn this into a business.

Mobile hairdressers work for themselves and visit other people’s homes to meet their hair requirements. You can also choose to specialize further, in areas such as fancy up-dos, or even bold dye jobs.

Working for yourself and having your own company can be very rewarding. Your hours and work schedule will be dictated by both your availability and your own desire to work. You will need to find a lot of self-motivation, and also learn how to do your tax returns. Overall, this will give you the freedom you desire.

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