Tips to increase productivity and create a great deburring process for sheet metal.

If you work with any type of metal, you will need smart strategies that will not increase the costs of your production and that will increase your productivity. This is especially true when it comes to deburring metal. Each part needs it.

If it’s efficient, it will also maximize motivation and productivity amongst your staff and it will boost your bottom line as well. You will be able to complete client requests quickly and with quality.

Many people working with metal understand that this is important, yet so few have the actual knowledge and technical expertise to implement and create a great deburring process for their business.

However, there are a few very simple tactics that you can use to improve your productivity with deburring metal.

Deburring Metal

Construction Metal Deburring, Industry Today

This is a process that means smoothing sharp and rough edges of something made of metal. This includes parts and components. When some piece of metal is drilled or cut, this creates sharp pieces that can harm other materials. This is eliminated through the process of deburring which leaves the lines smooth and clean, unable to snag other materials or even the employees handling them. The purpose here is similar for every tool but people working on metal apply different tools that can range from huge machinery to something handheld like sandpaper for metal. Learn more here.

Increase Productivity With Deburring Metal

Now that we’ve covered the basics of deburring, you can understand how to improve the process. Here are a few simple tips:

  • Automatic deburring – After a machine is done cutting a part of a component, most people working with metal manually deburr it. It makes sense since they have some time before the next piece is cut. While it may seem simple, it’s actually problematic because humans don’t have the ability to match that consistency of work across several different parts. Each part will then be different and it might not work for the project they are working on. Automated systems, on the other hand, have the ability to do things quickly and accurately. Hand deburring will take a ton of time and effort in general. If you need more reasons to start applying automated deburring, you should also know that hand deburring causes repetitive motion harm if done too often. This is a big risk for metalworkers since their hands are the most important tools of their work. Not to mention that this can cause some immediate cuts and bruises.

    Automated deburring is the best thing you can do to be more efficient and consistent in your work, as German Company LISSMAC states. These machines create a nice finish and increase the quality of your product.

  • Cutting fluid – These are lubricants specifically made for this purpose and metalworking in general. They are usually oils but you can find them as aerosols or pastes, even gels. When it comes to deburring, this fluid can help you decrease the resistance and lower the amount of heat that is created between the deburring machine and the metal being deburred. If you use them a lot, deburring machines create a ton of heat, more than you can cool off with your air conditioning which means that you will have to turn it off often to cool it down and then get back to work when it does. It wastes a ton of time and it doesn’t make your business more productive.

    However, with these fluids, you can cool your machine off, lubricate it and make your deburring operation smoother and safer, not to mention more comfortable for your workers.

  • Rotary brushes – If you have a metal part that needs zinc surface coating or cladding or a laser film coating, deburring machines won’t work as well for you. The thing is, they do a lot of damage to the coatings and this is precisely why you will need some rotary brushes that can finish your parts off without doing any damage. Thes brushes will finish the edges of parts in a simple and effective way and they will also save you a lot of time and money. They will increase the productivity of your system and your workers. Of course, all of this without sacrificing your quality.
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