January 22, 2020

Cork is an eco-friendly and useful material that comes from cork oak trees. It is the bark that naturally grows in northwest Africa and southwest Europe. Cork is a heavy-duty, waterproof, fire retardant, flexible, and environmentally friendly material. It has very good insulating properties as well.

Due to its versatility and thermal and electrical isolation features, it is used in various industries. Cork is mixed with different kinds of rubber to create and an industrial-grade cork that has heat resistance and wear resistance properties.

Here is a rundown of the top five industrial uses of cork.

1. Cork in the Food and Beverage Industry:

Cork coasters and bowls are common examples of cork applications in the food industry. Also, most of the wine bottles are sealed with a cork. Cork is used in making cork crowns as well. It is a part of specialty ashtrays.

2. Use of Cork in Sports Goods:

Many sports equipment are made using cork materials. It is used in various spots goods including shuttlecocks, cricket balls, baseballs, and pool sticks. They are even used in bodyboards, whistles, and tennis paddles.

3. Cork Use in Leather Industry:

You may have never thought of cork being used in the leather industry. Surprisingly, cork is also used in the leather industry. Cork is combined with other materials to make the components of travel cases, handbags, wallets, and document holders.

4. Cork Application in Refrigeration Industry:

One of the best features of cork is that it retains its natural properties even when the temperatures are extreme. It is used to insulate water tanks and lag pipes carrying water and other liquids.

Moreover, cork doesn’t emit any harmful gas or chemicals. That is why it is used as an insulating material in the refrigeration industry. Its excellent insulating properties make it a viable option for the insulation industry.

5. Cork Use in the Construction Industry:

Due to its thermal and sound insulation properties, cork is used in the construction industry as well. Cork granules are used to make black agglomerate or cork agglomerate. Cork agglomerate is used in the ceilings, roofs, and walls as insulation.

Cork granules are used in the production of wall tiles. It is also used in concrete structures for expansion and compression joints. That means cork can be used in the construction of tunnels, dams, and other concrete structures.

6. Uses of Cork in Technology Industry:

There is a wide application of cork in the technology industry as well. As it is lightweight and flexible as compared to metal, it is highly useful for the manufacturing of certain components of technological goods and weapons.

It is used in warships for the insulation of ventilation equipment and steam pipes. Moreover, it is also used in the internal insulation of submarines and other high-end technologies.

7. Use of Cork for Interior Decoration:

One of the reasons why cork is used for interior decoration of homes is due to the natural honey tone. It is also available in other colors to meet your needs. Cork gives decorative appeals and adds a natural element to your home’s interior.

It can blend perfectly with other decorative materials. The best part is that cork needs minimal maintenance. It is used to make tiles of all densities. Cork tile pavements are scratch-resistant and durable.

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