The Top 4 solutions for an outbound calling system using predictive dialers.

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Today, customers can’t stand getting on the telephone for any longer than five minutes, even if it involves speaking about their problem or request to your company.

To remediate this problem, companies have gone to more modern solutions such as emails, texts, social networking posts, and online advertising to cut costs and time and ensure that they get a greater volume of business with less expenditure. But what many people don’t realize is that while email can be sent from anywhere in the world and can easily reach its destination, how many people will actually open and read that email?

This is where outbound calling for business comes into the picture. With outbound calling, you can reach thousands upon thousands of customers within hours, so long as your message is clear, concise, and professional.

If you’re looking into having an outbound calling system for your company, it’s ideal to collaborate with Call Cowboy, a service provider which can transform your existing phone into a business dialing platform. Within these solutions, you can find a powerful tool called predictive dialers.

What are Predictive Dialers?

If you’re on the hunt for a way to make your calls cheaper and more effective, it’s worth looking at a predictive dialer for your business. Predictive dialers are essentially a system that automatically dials from a list of phone numbers. As predictive dialers dial a certain phone number, they’ll wait for a successful connection before passing the call onto a live agent, which significantly increases work efficiency.

You have to know the tools that you have available to you in order to gain a competitive advantage, win over your competition, and ultimately increase the profits that you can earn in the long run. One tool that you cannot afford to ignore is predictive dialing, which is a way of using your voice to make calls that are effective at keeping your costs down. This is due to the fact that many companies that use predictive dialers for their business also use automated calling systems, which can also save them money.

Advantages of Predictive Dialers to Businesses

A few industries could greatly benefit from the use of predictive dialers. Generally, here are the ways on how predictive dialers help businesses:

  • Help people with less than perfect customer service skills to answer the phones more efficiently
  • Help the companies that are constantly losing phone calls with outdated information
  • Give companies that are having trouble attracting new customers a boost to their sales by showing them that their phone numbers are actually generating new business

Many businesses have been known to suffer from a lot of lost calls because of lack of customer service skills. This service would help businesses save a lot of time by simply answering the phones as soon as they receive the call. Furthermore, this type of service would also improve productivity and cut down on costs for companies and businesses. All of these benefits would be huge for businesses, especially those that deal with a lot of customers.

Lastly, industries that are constantly dealing with complaints about the quality of their products could also get a lot of benefits from the use of predictive dialers. For example, if a consumer thinks that a product they bought from a particular company isn’t as good as the other ones, they could call the customer care number provided in the advertisement and ask the company for a complaint report. Based on this report, the company could then determine whether or not the claim is indeed true. In this way, companies can make improvements to the production quality of their products and services.

Industries That Will Benefit the Most from Predictive Dialing

While predictive dialing can be integrated into any business, there are specific industries that are a perfect match for it. In this article, you’ll be exploring the top four industries that could benefit the most from predictive dialers:

  1. Telemarketing Industry

A predictive dialer for telemarketing is a tool that can help you cut costs and improve productivity, while increasing the number of clients that you can serve in a day. It’s also easy to set up and does not require any complex system. This is why it’s considered as the best and most affordable way of marketing and advertising your business.

If you’re planning to buy a predictive dialer for your telemarketing business, you’ll be required to make some initial decisions before buying one. The features that you want to get in your system are vital factors that you have to consider while purchasing a device. You must first decide which type of campaign to use. For example, you can choose whether to use a voice-based or an image-based voice. The other option that you have is whether you want to have an auto attendant. The last decision is to choose the database and the type of database to be used. After considering these options, you should be able to buy a predictive dialer for your telemarketing business.

2. Travel Industry

A predictive dialer for travel business is a business service that can provide your customers with a number of customized, easy-to-use calls that you can dial at any time. When someone comes to your office or call center to order a package, it can be a hassle to keep calling for more packages, or difficult to keep track of your entire list of calls. By using this type of system, you can quickly and easily create a list of customers that can be called whenever they come to your office. Once you have the information on these customers, you can contact them by email, phone, or even leave messages in their voicemail box.

When using a predictive dialer for travel business, one of the things that can help you with the process is a voice-activation feature. With a voice-activation feature, you’ll be able to determine who will receive your personalized call and select which option they will accept. If you want to speak to an agent about a specific package, you’ll have the option to do that through your voice. When you use a predictive dialer for travel business, you’ll be able to see what options are available to you when making your selections. For example, you might find that a particular package has limited availability, so you can choose to dial out and request another customer service representative if this particular package isn’t available to you.

Moreover, predictive dialers can be used to track the effectiveness of your service. By creating a detailed report, you can determine exactly how effective your sales team is at converting your leads into sales. This report will also show how your customers respond to various promotional techniques, including the number of sales that you made in response to your promotional efforts. By using this type of technology, you can have a complete understanding of the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and adjust them to better fit your needs as your business grows.

3. Banking and Finance Industry

The predictive dialer is an effective tool for a banking and finance company to use in their day-to-day operations. One of the best ways that a predictive dialer for banking business can be used is to create an automated customer service system.

Another great way to use a predictive dialer for banking business is to help increase your profitability. A predictive dialer can help reach your clients faster as they can be programmed to dial any number or area code associated with the customer. If you’re able to dial a predictive number directly from your caller ID or from a phone number that you’ve purchased for this purpose, you’ll be able to get in more calls with more customers in less time.

A predictive dialer can help you gain a new group of customers interested to bank with you, as well. It’s much easier to reach people through an automated system rather than calling each one individually. This is something that’s especially helpful for those that don’t always have the time to speak to someone individually.

4. Insurance Companies

One of the most lucrative trends on the market today is predictive dialer for insurance companies. Predictive dialer technology makes it easy for insurance companies to reach people with no landline access. There are many reasons why this technology is popular, such as the ability to reach the younger generation, who is in many ways more likely to be concerned with the latest technology than their parents.

As an insurance company, you can take advantage of these technologies by offering your customers an interactive voice recording to call for information. With a predictive dialer, the person who answers the phone gets a prerecorded message that says something like “Customer Service, please call back.” After pressing “call,” the insurance company will dial that number and get back the information that they need, such as insurance coverage amounts. The benefit of this kind of technology is that there are no sales calls, as opposed to sales calls made on the traditional landline systems.

When you’re looking into a predictive dialer for your insurance company, you’ll need to choose one that is compatible with your existing system. You may also need to ask your service provider if they charge calls outside the state or country.


Picking up the phone and dialing a certain number can be very stressful especially if you don’t know who’s on the other line or the background of that caller, what makes them tick, where they’re calling from, and more factors. This problem can be addressed by using predictive dialing for business as it can make dialing in a lot less stressful. If you belong in one of the industries mentioned above, and still don’t have a predictive dialing system integrated in your business, then it’s worth asking your company—are we ready for a predictive dialer?

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