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What is Industry? What does it mean for world society, for the country where it is located, for people who work there? How does it influence the development of economics? Is it more or less important than the service sector? There are many questions, talking about the industry and no absolutely right answers in our changeable world.

Let’s separate our world before and after the age of services, which has begun not so long ago. Industry meant development on the country, determined the place of the country in the world, gave power to it in wars and international politics. Who had a successful industry – ruled the world. Than Industrial revolution happened and changed the world, inducing it to run faster and faster, use more and more technologies, automatize as many processes as possible. And now we are here – in the age where machines do a lot of things more qualified and quicker than a human’s mind can do. For the centuries industry was a driving force on society and thanks to it we live in a comfortable modern world, and it seems that this growth will never stop. It’s obviously, that industry can’t move on without science, on the other hand, pure science is also nothing without using it in industry.

You may say, and what about the service sector? Don’t you know that there are a lot of rich successful countries who don’t have industry at all or its percentage comparing with services is incredibly small? And it’s true, but there is a simple answer to this question. These countries give their services to other countries and territories with the industry. In our world, we created too much artificial needs to satisfy. We look after fashion trends in clothes, cars, electronic devices. And it is not bad, it just exists. Also, the industry modifies to manufacturing a lot of these unnecessary goods. Going to extremes, what would you prefer – if all hairdressers or all water treatment plants stopped working? Services are made for a comfortable and interesting life, the industry is mostly made for surviving.

The next powerful word is Mother. What is Mother in terms of feeling? Mother is safety, caring, love, supporting. Mother stops from mistakes and gives wise advice. Mother shows the world and way to move. Mother is about life in general, about the place you are always welcome. All of us can add a lot to the meaning of this most huge words in the world. We also say Motherland to our native city or country and put in this word so much warmth, that it is even hard to explain.

So let’s connect these two words. We will get the statement that Industry means to society all that Mother means to separate person – moving on in safe, reliable background, support in hard situations, support when wrong steps were done. It gives confidence and slackness at the same time because you know that someone or something covers your back.

The third word is Prosperity. This word is heavy and responsible. It shows only non-stop moving forward. And sure this moving will bring to success. Not all success measures in money. Wealth can’t be without prosperity, it’s true, but prosperity can exist without wealth. For example, if scientists will discover a vaccine from carcinoma and our factories will be able to manufacture it to all people who need it for free. Is it about prosperity? Yes, sure. Is it about money? In general, no.

Now, if we gather all these three words to one sentence we will get the statement that shows how important and powerful our main word Industry is. For how many questions of the future growth and developing it answers. Sure, it works only with science, education, services altogether, but only taking a leading position. We should never forget it and use all the international knowledge to improve Industry in all available ways.

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