January 21, 2020

There is something fantastic with the iPhone that no other smartphone could match. The most amazing thing about it is that it works seamlessly with other Apple products. This just makes working more convenient because you can achieve your task with whatever Apple device you have on with you. Case in point: Sometimes, you have no choice but to take home some of your office tasks. In the office, you are usually working with a desktop, so that means an Apple iMac. While traveling for home, you might as well start working on your take-home task. You can whip out your phone and continue the work that you left behind in the office. Then when you get home, you can again continue working on your MacBook. So it’s like you never stopped working anyway.

So what’s the point of that narrative? It tells you that if you have a digital product, using the iPhone as tool to showcase your project will work in your favor. This means that you are demonstrating continuity and accessibility with whatever digital product you have designed. You can use iPhone to show off your digital asset through the mockup. Ramotion has a lineup of free mockups that you can use for professional presentations of your digital work. The user exchange website wisely used the iPhone and iPhone 11 for its PSD mockup. The new iPhones were only released late this year.

Using the iPhone mockup helps make products relatable because of the popularity of this Apple device. Millions of people use the iPhone whether it is the new iPhone 11 or the old iPhone 6 or the iPhone X and iPhone XS in between. The fact that people continue to buy this expensive product only goes to show that people are actually satisfied with its performance.

iPhone mockup: reliability and relatability

When you showcase your digital product through the iPhone mockup, you are giving the audience a chance to imagine that product on their own iPhones. It is extremely wise to showcase your digital work through the awesome iPhone.

One reason why Apple enthusiasts have really been endeared by the global tech brand is its penchant for making its products better. Every year a new iPhone is introduced. Every few years, there are always new iMacs or MacBooks or iPads that are about to be launched. People always look forward to Apple’s innovations. Not only will users get consistency, they will also get an upgrade of what they have always enjoyed with Apple. For those curious about what Apple is brewing next, here are some glimpses of future products according to Forbes.

Psychologically, you can transfer people’s belief on the iPhone to your digital product when you use the iPhone mockup. Using the product as tool to showcase your app design makes your product undeniably linked to the high quality Apple devices are known for.

Using the iPhone mockup can be equated to reliability and relatability. The audience of your presentation will unconsciously consider your product reliable just because they consider the iPhone reliable. And the reason they consider the iPhone reliable is because it is the smartphone of their choice. And because it is their phone of choice, they can see themselves actually using your digital product—whether it is a mobile application, a mobile game, and e-commerce site, an e-book, among many others. They can relate to your products.

Don’t forget to design well, too

But just because the iPhone is relatable and reliable, that doesn’t mean you can just turn in a sloppy digital product. You can’t let the presentation close the deal. You should have a great digital product to back it up, whether it has been designed already or just proposed. You should have things going for you in terms of quality of design.

In the same manner, you can just pick out the first iPhone X clay mockup you find attractive on the internet. You have to make sure that such mockup is really what you need to showcase the best qualities of your product and you have to make sure that you download such mockup from a credible site. There are free PSD mockups that will make your life so much easier. The PSD file or even the Sketch file is so easy to work with that you can ready your mockup in no time.

Know the right mockup for your digital product. Say your digital product is a logo that you want to showcase in a branding package. The stationery mockup is the best way to do this. It is called a stationery mockup because logos are usually stamped on office stationeries like the corporate papers—logos are stamped on the letterhead. Accompanying envelopes also carry the logo as well as the official notebooks and the corporate calling cards. Other stationery mockups include pens and folders and other office products that carry the brand logo. Some may even include an office mug into the mix. This kind of mockup is heavy on branding, which is why it won’t work if your digital product is a mobile game. You can’t put your mobile game on paper, or stationery for that matter.

However, you can find a photorealistic iPhone that could translate the intricacies of your mobile game design really well. This is a kind of product that would be showcased really well by a clay mockup or any kind of template that puts the iPhone as centerpiece. The clay is a minimalist piece that will allow you to make your design the star of the mockup.

The same logic is employed with flat designs, often remarked as boring in the design world. But a boring design is sometimes needed when you want your product to be the focus of the template. This way, the effects of non-boring designs will not compete with your subjects of the digital product. This is a great type of mockup when you are showing off an e-commerce design.