Jar Joy prides itself on its culture of food safety and quality.

Sanford, FL – Jar Joy’s innovative, individually-portioned jarred desserts are not only delicious, they are manufactured in a capacity that places food safety front and center. The standards and procedures implemented by Jar Joy rival many of the largest food manufacturers.

Jar Joy has developed a consummate food safety culture that includes processes, policies and continual training of all its employees. Jar Joy takes pride in presenting food safety and quality assurance management policies that ensure that their products are not only adhering to regulations, but also meet and exceed the established product specifications and parameter requirements.

“In addition to meeting FDA and Florida state guidelines, Jar Joy is an SQF Level 2 certified facility. Audited and certified by a third-party, SQF, (Safe Quality Food), requirements enable Jar Joy to manage food safety and provide safe products with a rigorous system and program. Additionally, all ingredients used by Jar Joy are sourced from suppliers that routinely perform audits and meet regulatory requirements.

Jar Joy also prioritizes building and maintaining a strong safety culture by making safety and quality a habit throughout the company. The primary method of integrating these habits is continuous training for all employees. The knowledge gained from these training sessions is reinforced through repeated competency checks.

“Building a robust food safety culture is one of our top priorities at Jar Joy,” notes Mark Queenan, Jar Joy’s Vice President of Quality Assurance. “We are pushing the boundaries of the food industry with our innovative desserts, and we need to ensure that our vision is grounded in a deep commitment to protecting our employees and customers.”

Queenan’s knowledge and experience are critical components of Jar Joy’s commitment to safety. “Having Mark on our team is a huge boost,” says Carl Ellison, Marketing Vice President at Jar Joy. “He’s like a food safety Jedi. It’s pretty remarkable.”

Crucially, Jar Joy’s food safety culture involves defining company policies, including quality assurance policies, and then ensuring that quality control verifies those policies. The company’s policies prioritize the safety of employees, as well as meeting environmental regulations, as these goals are in line with Jar Joy’s greater mission. For more information, visit www.jarjoy.com.

About Jar Joy
Jar Joy brings joy to the world, one delicious jar at a time, with innovative, individually portioned, ready-to-eat desserts in a jar. Started in Florida in 2013, the concept has caught on rapidly with customers nationwide. To keep up with rapidly growing demand, Jar Joy expanded into a 60,000 sq ft industrial food production facility with SQF Level 2 Certification in Sanford, FL. Jar Joy’s products are easy to ship, store and display and are perfectly suited for supermarkets, grab & go convenience stores, coffee shops, airports and more. For more information, (407) 664-2147 or contact us at sales@jarjoy.com

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