Leaseweb Cloud Connect now enables fast, secure connections to top three public cloud providers from select Leaseweb data centers.

Leaseweb Global announced that it has expanded its Leaseweb Cloud Connect offering to provide fast and secure connectivity to Microsoft Azure from select Leaseweb data centers in Europe, the U.S. and Singapore.

With the addition of Azure, Leaseweb Cloud Connect affords customers the flexibility to bypass the Internet and securely connect Leaseweb-hosted infrastructure to any of the big three public cloud providers, which also include Google Cloud and AWS. Customers are able to select different connectivity speeds between 100 mbps and 10 Gbps, depending on their individual budget and project requirements.

“Most organizations today, whether unintentionally or by design, are operating in a hybrid cloud environment. They recognize the utility of the public cloud for development, big data and on-off workloads while also wanting to preserve their business-critical applications and data on private infrastructure,” said Nikolaos Kolestsas, product manager, Leaseweb Global. “This latest expansion of Leaseweb Cloud Connect with Microsoft Azure allows customers to realize the best of both worlds, connecting their dedicated hosting resources to their public cloud provider of choice.”

The hybrid cloud infrastructure market is expected to reach $128.01 billion by 2025. Leaseweb Cloud Connect provides businesses with an efficient way to build secure networks that seamlessly interconnect their disparate IT platforms across Leaseweb and public cloud environments. This helps minimize infrastructure costs while increasing the speed at which organizations can bring new products and services to market.

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