Do you know the metal staircase should be perfect because these are planned with the open plan layouts? The stairs have a prominent position in the building. These are available in the variety of designs and styles. You can choose staircases and its designs in different types of material including aluminum and timber. It looks super stylish after the application of the appropriate paint. These stairs are installed by keeping in mind the decoration and safety regulations. The staircases are highly exclusive to add allure to your home.

Building Regulation

Some of the rules that you should keep in your mind are given below before installation of the high-quality staircases.

  • These should have to go of 220 mm and a maximum rise of 220mm
  • The maximum pitch of the staircase is 42 degree.
  • Flights must have a handrail that should be wide and broad
  • The minimum height of the handrail is 900mm

The design of the staircase should be broad and contain lamination because timber is the material that destroys due to the water and termite. You need to paint it and laminate it.

Why Metal?

It makes fantastic items that can be versatile. These are very easy to craft and offer a variety of designs with alluring appearance. It looks sleek and ergonomic. Aluminum staircases and grills are formed to produce a traditional look in the home. The round stairs noising turns baluster and carves newel post. The use of the contemporary timber consists of chunky metal. It increases the allure of your home decoration. These are designed to improve the modern and customary look of the house. Your lounge looks stylish when you use the high-quality material.

Metal Staircases, Industry Today

Waterproof Metals

Due to the modern technology, the waterproof metal or the laminated material is great for the homes. These are very easy to care and are durable due to the waterproof material. You can wash or clean the stairs with the wet cloth. These stairs can be painted with the alluring colors. In the moisture climate, the waterproof timber stairs are great because these are safe from the weather effect.


To give the proper shape to these staircases, high-quality EDM machines are used. These machines are easy to works, versatile and strong. These are sure to add timeless beauty. It is excellent for those who like traditional look to their houses. These are not very expensive so that every user can afford it. There are three types of EDM machines.

  • Hole Popper EDM, Hole Drilling
  • Cheese Cutter, Wire EDM
  • Ram, Die Sinker EDM

It works like an automatic machine to give a shape to the metal. These are known as wire erosion, wire burning, die sinking, burning, spark eroding and spark machining. It transmits spark with the electric transmission. These are very easy to start and need low maintenance. There are self-start machines and are used in several industries for several tasks.

These are user’s fast machines and are very easy to operate. Due to modern technology, these machines are ubiquitous now. You can use these machines for giving different types of shapes to the metal products.

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