Volume 11 | Issue 2 | Year 2008

Miller Technology Inc. has become recognized as an innovative designer and manufacturer of custom utility vehicles for the underground mining and utility industries. The company was founded in 1979 by current President Ronald Harvey Miller, an engineer.

“He saw the need for a small personnel carrier and built a mine cart to meet that need. We found the same thing in the utility world. We build what the customers ask,” said Ron’s son Kent Miller, operations manager at the family-owned business. (Kent’s brother Chad is mining operations manager.)

The company provides customized equipment worldwide from Canada, the Northwest Territories and the U.S. to Peru, Chile, Tanzania, Africa, and Russia.

Miller offers three personnel/utility vehicles: The Triple-4ce, the Miller Truck, and the Toyota Underground Landcruiser.

The Triple-4ce Multi-Function Utility Carrier, built for underground mining, is a heavy duty carrier with a revolutionary system, permitting the attachment of a variety of modules to the front and rear of the unit.

The Miller Truck Personnel/Utility Carrier, also proven in the industry, offers a combination of simplicity, ruggedness and economy of operation to offer the lowest cost of operation.

Toyota’s one-ton industrial truck is well recognized in the mining world and Miller Technology is one of only two OEM distributors in North America for the Toyota Landcruiser. The Toyota Underground Landcruiser is built on the OEM’s reputation for toughness off highway, with customization for specific applications.

Miller Technology’s conversions for underground operation provide one of the smoothest rides underground. Plenty of horsepower, full leaf-spring suspension and four-wheel drive get people where needed quickly and comfortably. It features a fully heated cab up front for cold weather use, yet is able to drive through the portal and down ramp. A number of upgrading options are available to reduce maintenance costs including fully enclosed wet disc brakes, suspension systems and mine-ready wiring systems. With years of development experience behind it, each unit is specially built for the end user, with options available from a lengthy and growing list.

“We like to keep our designs simple and effective. We don’t go overboard with electronics,” Miller said. “There is definitely competition but we like to service the customer better and give them exactly what they want with reliability.”

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