August 28, 2019

Cranes are a type of machinery mostly used at construction sites. It also has many other uses in manufacturing industry.The most common use of this machine is lifting big and heavy objects; however,it can do more than one type of work.It is equipped with control panels, wire ropes, drums, and chains and it comes with various attachments. There are also different types and sizes of cranes.You can either get a static crane or a mobile crane depending on the work you need it for. The most favorite and preferred option is using a mobile crane; here you’ll learn why.

It Doesn’t Need Much Space

A static crane needs a lot of space around it to before it can be put to use. All its parts are attached to one another and the ground. Just setting it takes weeks of work. First, a strong concrete base is created and then other parts are attached on top of it. On the other hand, a mobile crane doesn’t require any such effort or space.

Access Smaller Places

A static crane requires a lot of space to operate. If you are working in a narrow area like inside a building or you need to lift a statue, static crane won’t be able to perform there. On the other hand, a mobile crane is most liked because of its ability to access even the smallest of places. Many rescue departments use mobile cranes to reach even inside the street to lift wreckage and other heavy objects.

It’s a Quick Solution to Many Problems

A rescue department definitely can’t use a static crane because they have to do everything on emergency basis. A static crane requires time to beinstalled at a specific place before it can help you with anything. A mobile crane is always set for everything. Depending on the task, you may only need to change one of its attachments which wouldn’t take any more than a few minutes. Make sure you get the right kind of attachments when you get a crane. You can check out Elebia’s crane hook if your work involves grabbing and lifting loads.

Handle the Heaviest Tasks

Despite its flexibility to move everywhere, it can still do the heaviest of the tasks. It requires a professional to lift heavy objects no matter what kind of crane you use. A mobile crane also comes in various sizes. If your work can be done by a small crane, you don’t need get the big one. It can’t lift as much heavyweight as a static crane,but it hasmany other benefits. A mobile crane can lift 13-70 tonnes of weight as long as it’s positioned correctly.


A mobile crane is purchased just one time and used everywhere. The only cost you have to take care of is its maintenance and additional attachments. Static cranes require a lot of finances just on installation at one place. While static crane has its particular uses, mobile crane beats it when it comes to multipurpose use and cost-efficiency.

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