Volume 21 | Issue 6 | Year 2018

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For the last three years, Bild Desenvolvimento Imobiliário has been ranked in Brazil’s top 100 biggest construction firms, chosen by the Brazilian ITC (Technical Construction Information), an organization that regulates the sector – no simple task for a company founded in 2007 in Ribeirao Preto, state of Sao Paulo. Director of Bild, Thiago Faraco, begins, “the company DNA brings with it a multitude of residential, commercial and hotel buildings… meeting client needs ethically and transparently with agility and professionalism”.

Building a Reputation

Ethical business strategy is certainly a firm foundation. In its 11 years of existence, Bild has achieved recognition for accelerated and sustainable growth. In addition to the ITC, industry magazine Exame named Bild the number one civil construction company in São Paulo state (2015) and ranked it thirty-first nationwide. “We have been ranked as one of the best employers in São Paulo by GPTW (Great Place To Work), achieving fourteenth position in mid-sized companies in our region,” Faraco adds.

For the sixth consecutive year, Bild has successfully renewed ISO9001 and PBQP-h level A certifications, which guarantee quality in accordance with local and international trading standards. It is also a member of ABRAINC (Brazilian Association of Property Developers), which represents property development companies with a view to strengthening the sector and the nation’s cities. Of the 34 members, Bild is the only one from a country area.

Bild Desenvolvimento Imobilario constructs mid- to high standard residential buildings and commercial projects as well as operating in the property sales division. In 11 years of business, the company has launched 34 new apartment buildings, which include thousands of units, and finished fifteen commercial sites (residential buildings and two hotels). The projects are located in Ribeirão Preto, Franca, Araraquara and Bauru (São Paulo state) and units sell from between R$300 thousand ($75 thousand) and R$1.4 million ($0.35 million).

Forward Thinking

“We are known for our ability to identify great opportunities in the Brazilian property market,” continues Faraco. He is not only referring to price and planning. Bild also considers conservation of the environment. The company introduced an important innovation in the form of solar panels put up on the construction sites to provide energy while building residences. “The panels are installed on the roofs of buildings, one next to the other, and connected to a solar invertor, which converts solar energy into electricity. This can be used to power computers, radios, fridges and other appliances,” he continues.

Some of Bild’s projects incorporate this technology in the building itself to provide electricity for communal areas. Solar energy is clean, renewable, economical and environmentally friendly.

The attention to sustainable energy sources is characteristic of Bild’s young and dynamic company culture. “We are seen as youthful and trendy in comparison to competitors,” affirms Faraco. Reinforcing this point, a strong differential in the company’s projects is the emphasis on leisure facilities, which consider the requirements of all ages and are delivered fully equipped and decorated.

The company also offers online services to its clients. The website (with login and password) is also available as an app for smartphones called Conecta Bild. Only available to customers, the app allows them to accompany developments, ask for technical assistance and emit payment slips. True to transparency, the development of projects can also be followed via the normal website.

Company Exclusive

One such project was the 2017 launch of the premium, high standard brand, Bild Exklusiv. Aimed at the luxury market, the brand was born from Bild’s desire to redefine the concepts of unique living. The focus was on creativity and innovation, comfort and the good life. The idea behind the project was to offer exclusive, sophisticated homes with high-end finishes and a striking design – always considering the latest technology and trends.

As the name suggests, there are only a limited number of the residences available and each one is unique. Every project launched under the Bild Exklusiv brand is designed by a well-known architect/designer.

Bild Exklusiv clients are provided with a personalized service in a modern, comfortable environment at the company offices in Ribeirão Preto (São Paulo). They are given access to a touch screen tablet, via which they can achieve a greater understanding of the implementation and progress of the project.

“The team allocated to this project was especially chosen with the clientele in mind,” explains Faraco. “It comprises professionals of different backgrounds and experiences, who are thoroughly trained to work with more demanding clients who expect the very best.”

Both of the company locations in Ribeirão Preto were inspired by the minimalist, contemporary style of the big designer brands. The design prioritizes clean open spaces and uniformity of colors. The visual style of the offices contribute to the modern feel and experience Bild emulates.

It is a success story in a country currently in the throes of economic crisis. “We took advantage of the situation to take a long, hard look at the company,” says Faraco, quite simply. This analysis gave rise to the department responsible for client experiences and the value- added services of improved technology and access to information.

What is clear is that customers have reached for Bild’s honest hand, in times where ethics and trust are more important than ever. Together with an upbeat approach to comfort, style and excellence, Bild Desenvolvimento Imobiliário is providing the tools and solutions to quality modern living.

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