Volume 17 | Issue 2 | Year 2014

Believing in this principle, Globalpack Indústria e Comércio Ltda, currently one of the Brazilian market leaders in packaging solutions has made a firm commitment to quality, international standards and good business practice.

Manufacturing injected plastic bottles, tubes and roll-on balls for liquid deodorant, Globalpack stands out in Latin America for its high production capacity, flexibility and technology.

The company serves a range of industries from agriculture to cosmetics and maintains a practical, no-nonsense approach to excellence across the board striving for the best technology, products and client and supplier relations.

“We are much more than a business. Our aim is to incorporate our company values and priorities of our clients into our work – to satisfy our customers and expand our existing client base,” says Alexandre Fachinelli, Planning Manager for Globalpack.

Expanding Plastics
Globalpack has seven industrial plants in Brazil, which process approximately 2,500 tons of raw materials a month. The infrastructure network has developed considerably over the last 30 years. Beginning as Sinimplast in São Paulo in 1984, the company occupied a single 2,400-square-meter facility, with limited machinery and specialized in blown plastics.

The first twelve years were characterized by acquisitions and growth. “From 1997, we implanted ISO: 9000 trading standards and adopted modern management systems including SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). 1997 to 2006 was a phase of professionalization,” Fachinelli explains. During the same period, Globalpack opened its first in-house factory at Unilever, which operated for a decade, and opened a new production facility in Recife in the north east of Brazil.

The next development ‘phase’, according to Fachinelli, brought product diversification. “Previously, the company worked exclusively with blown plastics. Between 2007 and 2010, the merger with Globalpack increased the product range to include tubes and injected plastic products,” he explains.

Expansion has continued over the last three years, with investment in production capacity, reorganization and infrastructure and the opening of three of Globalpack’s seven plants in 2012 (in Ceará state) and 2013 (in the states of Bahia and Minas Gerais). “The three new facilities opened in the last two years are the fruit of customer feedback and suggestions,” Fachinelli says.

Today the company headquarters is located in Jaraguá, São Paulo. The Jaraguá factory is the only one to produce tubes (for cosmetic creams and other products), lids and other injected-plastic components. The others located in Diadema (São Paulo), Vinhedo (São Paulo), Pernambuco, Ceará, Minas Gerais and Bahia all make bottles. Globalpack employs in the region of 1,500 people throughout Brazil.

The Vinhedo factory is the company’s largest. At 24,000 square meters, the plant is well-known in the region as a consumer of high-voltage energy – along with nearby amusement park Hopi Hari – the highest in the region. It has the biggest production capacity, largest number of machines and most elaborate logistic network of all the Globalpack units.

Product Portfolio
Globalpack operates an advanced production system run by highly qualified professionals. Thanks to these two elements, the company can maintain high productivity and timely deliveries in its market sectors. Globalpack manufactures products for the following industries:

  • Domestic cleaning products;
  • Perfumes and cosmetics;
  • Food;
  • Pharmaceutical;
  • Agriculture;
  • Automotive.

“We are renowned for our product portfolio,” Fachinelli affirms. Guided by client satisfaction, Globalpack invests in close, long-term relationships and partnerships with its clients. This results in the development of services and software, equipment and procedures, research and studies that attend specific needs without compromising quality.

“The combined result of our efforts consolidates our position among the market leaders and as a World-Class Supplier,” Fachinelli emphasizes.

Globalpack provides bottles, tubes and packaging for multinationals such as Avon, Batavo, Colgate, Danone, Johnson & Johnson, Kimberley Clark, L´Oréal, Nestlé, Pepsico, Petrobrás and Unilever among others. “Considering production volume, cosmetics line is our biggest single product. However, tubes and packaging for cosmetic companies such as Avon, Natura and Boticário constitute a broad and important range,” Fachinelli says.

18 months ago, Globalpack began manufacturing larger 20-liter plastic bottles. Used for lubricants, the bigger bottles expanded the company’s markets – further consolidating its position. The company does not produce PET bottles for soda and soft drinks but uses injection and blown plastic technology for its range.

Globalpack is part of a larger group, which is a strong player in the automotive industry, working with leading brands like Fiat, Volkswagen, Renault, Mercedes-Benz, General Motors, Toyota, Mitsubishi and Ford among others.

“We are committed to a proactive attitude toward analyzing and markets and contributing to innovation as well as local, national and international trends,” Fachinelli says.

The Vanguard of Innovation
Technology and innovation, together with professional experience are the keys to Globalpack’s success. The company is constantly developing its packaging to add value to its products and services and requires state-of-the-art, international standard equipment.

“Evolution and investment in our industrial facilities confirm our status as technological leaders in modern packaging solutions,” Fachinelli says. Globalpack uses the latest machinery and software as well as employing highly qualified professionals. The focus of development is theclient. Research and studies to find ideal solutions are an integral part of all projects.

Globalpack has an exclusively planned laboratory for the development of new resins and processes. The laboratory saves the customers’ time and resources as well as offering feasible options approved by in-house engineers. Computer Assisted Design software (CAD/CAM/CAE) guarantees the high performance of the products. Machinery at the company’s facilities is equipped with automatic systems to ensure its smooth operation and adherence to industry norms.

“Huge investments have been made in consultancy and technology for the decoration of the bottles. We analyze every project individually from the decision of the right material to the best labeling solutions (silk screen, pressing, sleeve labels and hot stamping are examples),” Fachinelli elaborates. With the best possible technology at its disposal, Globalpack can fine-tune its products to specific needs. The company manufactures a variety of round and oval recyclable tubes and complementary components.

Broad Horizons
Fachinelli explains that Globalpack has further expansion planned for 2014: “Our strategy is to maintain 10 percent annual growth,” he reveals. This strategy includes more factories, especially in the north east of Brazil (the country’s fastest growing economic region), products for new industries such as oil, agrotoxins and chemicals and increasing existing exports to Latin America (targeting Mexico, Chile, Colombia and Argentina).

Despite a recent dip in the market, Globalpack reports annual revenue in excess of $150 million. “Our clients experienced a fall in sales. We didn’t lose any accounts – in fact, we won new contracts, such as Procter and Gamble,” Fachinelli affirms.

On a domestic scale, Globalpack competes with multinational leaders in its markets. A broad outlook and innovative technology are essential to growth strategy, yet when explaining Globalpack’s success, quality service and commitment to clients are part of the package.

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