Aerolift adds the EU-series to its customised lifting solutions to satisfy a wish that has existed on the worldwide market for some time.

Aerolift Vacuum Lifter EU Serie Small, Industry Today
Aerolift vacuum lifter EU series

Barneveld, The Netherlands – New development, a modular vacuum lifter. As from today, Aerolift adds the EU-series to its customised lifting solutions. This way, Aerolift wants to satisfy a wish that has existed on the worldwide market for some time: an affordable lifting solution for relatively simple applications.

Robert Lemm, CEO of Aerolift: “The EU series is intended to provide a wide range of solutions within a certain standard configuration. This allows Aerolift to deliver higher quality in a shorter time and at a lower price.”

Applications for the EU-series

The EU-series are for small airtight products up to six tons. Products that are picked up by an overhead crane or another electrically driven lifting machine. Think of precast concrete elements, metal plates, and pipes. 

Modularly designed vacuum lifter

An EU vacuum lifter consists of at least two modules: a vacuum unit and a suction pad. Additionally, you have a beam, crossbeam, and several options. Each module consists of a few options to choose from. The Aerolift sales team or the regional Aerolift agent will help to find the right configuration to make the most suitable lifting solution.

Hybrid between modular and custom made

Within the standard EU-series, customisation is limited. However, a hybrid solution is also possible. A combination of configurable and customised. For example, an EU vacuum lifter with customised suction pads.

Future modular designs

In the upcoming months Aerolift will also add the ES-series. The ES-series is for heavier products up to twenty tons. With its elongated shape, this lifter is suitable for long products, such as steel plates and pipes.

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Robert Lemm, CEO of Aerolift: “Of course, many customers know what they want, but it is not always the best. With more than 60 years of experience, we have seen many different customers, products, and situations, which allows us to provide additional advice on aspects that the customer may not have thought of. This is the added value that Aerolift provides in combination with the machine. We do not deliver just a machine, but we offer the most efficient and safe solution. We look at how to optimise the process beyond the machine. Our goal: a satisfied customer.”

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