Among three leading solutions, the Nitro Productivity Suite is rated as: “capable, cost-efficient, and easy to both learn and understand.

Nitro Software today released a new GigaOm report titled, ‘End-to-End Digital Document Transformation: Start with the Right Solution,’ which evaluates and details the results of real-world tests of three market-leading solutions in the PDF and eSignature space: Adobe Acrobat DC, the Nitro Productivity Suite, and DocuSign.

Opening with an evaluation of the widespread push for digital transformation, the report notes the pandemic has changed how businesses operate in all sectors. Companies that have shifted their internal processes and customer experiences to digital platforms have seen measurable improvements in attaining their business goals, compared to those that are not as agile. As a result, products such as the Nitro Productivity Suite have become a top priority for organizations focused on digitizing their document workflows.

In assessing the three products, the report states that the Nitro Productivity Suite is “capable, cost-efficient, and easy to both learn and understand. Nitro’s flagship product scored a leading 94/100 by successfully completing the most feature use cases and delivering on the promise of scaling broadly across the organization. Furthermore, “In environments where Windows is the primary operating system, the Nitro Productivity Suite provides full PDF document creation, manipulation, and signing capabilities across the workforce.”

According to another survey by Accenture, 76 percent of senior executives agree success lies in ensuring the interaction between customers and technology focuses on the human component of that equation. Nitro understands the unique challenges IT teams face when adopting a new solution, and is spotlighted as having differentiated pre- and post-sales support. “At a surprisingly low commitment level, organizations are guided through the process of effectively rolling out Nitro, including live training and a series of follow-on activities to ensure the organization achieves optimal value.”

These services are enhanced and tied together through an Analytics layer that helps customers conduct their own monitoring of usage, effectiveness, rollout status, and peer benchmarks. It even helps organizations and users track an environmental impact score based on the number of trees being saved by no longer needing to print.

“Digital document transformation can be overwhelming, but the right solution can make all the difference,” said Brad Hill, VP of Marketing at Nitro. “Nitro’s positioning in the report underlines our ability to deliver the performance, cost-efficiency, and partnership enterprises look for in a market-leading product.”

To learn more and download a full copy of this report, click here.

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