June 10, 2019

As businesses move online, away from the traditional High Street, they are continually thinking of strategies which will make them visible in the online world and strategies which will draw traffic to their site. Whereas on the High Street, shops could make their frontages appealing to attract their customers who have come to the Mall for the purpose of shopping, companies face having to attract people in very different ways. People go online for a variety of reasons, not just to shop, they want information, they browse, they price check and it is up to the savvy retailer to turn some of the browsers into buyers to capitalise on as much of the market as they can.

In order that your business grows online you need a team of savvy strategies of a business growth team. There are strategies that you will have to employ in order for that to happen. It is not the case that you simply design an appealing website and wait for it all to happen. Depending on your business and what you are trying to sell, whether it be a service or e commerce product, the aim will be the same, ro be as visible to as many people as you can, as cheaply as you can.

Online marketing can be expensive and it is therefore important that you pick your strategy or strategies appropriately, not all strategies are suitable for all types of business and the target market you are planning to reach will play an important part too. For some companies, they hire a company to organise and do the marketing for them as they realise that they do not have the knowledge or expertise to do it themselves. For other companies, they choose to become educated and do their own. That might mean employing a team of people or a smaller company may just work alone. Different methods will suit different people.

Some of the effective strategies for business growth are detailed below.

Assess Your Current Position / Provision

Every business needs to look at where they are at, the products or services they offer and the suitability for the online market. It should be remembered that what works on the High street may not work online and different strategies may have to be considered. It is also worth, at this stage considering some consultancy work as an outside eye can bring value to a business and help steer you in a positive direction.

You need to return to this step as every business should spend time assessing their strategies and provisions regularly. With the fast moving online world, it is essential for a business to keep pace with the changes.

Use Clever Marketing Strategies

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is a technique that companies turn to so that they can be more favourably placed on search engines such as Google. When someone searches for a product or service, it is productive for the company to have his / her website shown on the first page. SEO is not a cheap option nor is it an immediate option. You cannot expect that SEO will work overnight, it may in fact take some months before your product or service becomes visible. Patience is they key with SEO. It is an investment and the the good part is that once your spend is made, you do not have to continue to spend as usually when a website is ranked in Google it will remain there. You do of course have to maintain that position by keeping an eye on what is happening and now and again do a bit of work as other companies and businesses will try to outrank you.

Unlike SEO, you can expect instant results from paid marketing strategies. You can use Google Ads or Social Media Marketing strategies. It often is a case of trying and testing. You will have to decide on the Keywords that you want to target which will be relevant for your business. The more popular the keyword, the more expensive your advertising will be, so you have to set your keywords according to a budget that you can afford. Paid marketing strategies mean that there will always be a cost for your business as every time that you want to advertise, you have to pay, unlike SEO. Businesses will commonly use a combination of strategies and will commonly use paid marketing strategies while SEO is in progress.

Use Feedback and Maximise Your Support

If you are a business operating with a support team, it is essential that you assess that provision regularly. An effective support team is essential for the growth of your business. Clients will accept that problems happen but they tend to be much more unforgiving when they are not properly dealt with. Your support should be robust and effective with clients really feeling that they are being listened to and taken seriously. Use feedback well and if there are issues that are coming up time and time again, act on them and put measures in place to take care of them. Always do what you say you’re going to do and keep the client on your side. Most businesses would prefer to have repeat clients.

Assess Your Competition

There is a point of looking at what your competitors are doing and what appears to work for other people, it saves you re inventing the wheel. So, look at your competition but remember to focus on your strengths, there is no point in going ahead and using strategies that you aren’t comfortable with, it will only lead to failure.

Above all, keep positive, keep your goal in mind and surround yourself with like minded people. Employ enthusiastic staff who are quick to learn and can help you go forward in business. Staff are often your front line, so choose with care.

Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help at any stage or with any aspect of your business, you cannot be expected to know or to be expert in everything.

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