May 2, 2019

In our present days, technology has a big important role in every industry also in our lives. Medical technology plays a crucial role that is responsible for sustain, improving, and saving many people lives all around the world. Medical technology expanded its areas like biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, development of medical equipment and devices and information technology.

Ophthalmology is one of the greatest innovation in medical technology that provides better treatment and cure in eye diseases. An ophthalmologist is specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of eye disorder, as well as perform eye operations. There are many treatments that now invented in these days to cure and treat eye condition, there are ointments, liquid drops, glasses, and other ophthalmic equipment.

Ophthalmic equipment for sale is available in physical and online markets. There are new, used and refurbished ophthalmic equipment that functions well that aims are to improve patients care and condition.

Here are ophthalmic equipment that is available and now on sale in some medical online storage auctions.

  1. TOPCON TRC-501X Retinal Camera
    Topcon is an eye care business that provides ophthalmic equipment intended for an eye examination, diagnosis and eye treatments and also optometric devices for refraction and eyeglasses processing. The TRC-501X is their product invented in the year 2005 with non-mydriatic fundus camera type and consists of the pediatric retinal camera. This product has a wide range angle coverage, built-filters, and some electronic flash devices. It has a split image focusing that gives clear and sharp images.
  2. HEINE OMEGA 500 Ophthalmoscope
    Heine is one of the leading manufacturers of Medical Diagnostic Instruments that detect and observed diseases such as providing optimal support in medical procedures. The Heine omega 500 ophthalmoscopes is a wearable device with high quality and excellent optical performance. It has a multi-coated illumination system. Aluminum frame, unique synchronized adjustment, and rustproof materials. The Headband Rheostat controls the LED illumination just like XHL Xenon-Halogen illumination.
  3. CSO SL990 Slitlamp
    CSO Company or the Costruzione Strumenti Oftalmici provides reliable services and professional medical support based on international standards. The CSO SL990 Slit lamp is invented with a high technology performance instrument. This product has a joystick control, rotating slit, flip over magnification, interchangeable eyepiece, and halogen illumination. The Slit lamp system enhances both your optic resolution and optic transmission. It has an upgraded digital vision series includes imaging and archiving software and advanced optic splitting system. They also incorporated a high-tech digital camera with a CCD sensor that provides powerful resolution. The features of these products provide a greater service for your patients in keeping patients information.

Providing high-quality service is the mission of every industry not just in medicine. The growth of medical cure studies simultaneously with the growth of medical technology. Medical practitioners such as ophthalmologist continue discovering the cure for serious eye diseases with the help of this high tech medical equipment to conduct testing in helping to prevent, diagnose and cure diseases.

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