Ideal for homeowners with multiple openers in their garage, the device is compatible with most major opener brands.

Overhead Door™ Brand, a leading manufacturer of residential and commercial door solutions, has launched the Universal Wireless Wall Console, enabling homeowners to control up to three openers from a variety of manufacturers on a single wall console. The device is convenient, easy to set up and comes with a “Jogger Button” special feature that provides users with up to a 20-second delay to exit the garage safely.

“For more than 100 years, Overhead Door™ Brand has engineered the leading technology solutions in the garage door industry, fulfilling a variety of homeowner and business needs,” said Christian Morrow, Senior Brand Marketing Manager for Overhead Door™ Brand. “The adaptability of the Universal Wireless Wall Console is like none other as it can be programmed to work with homeowners’ existing compatible openers, allowing them to declutter their garage by replacing their current, less-inefficient wall console with a system that offers superior convenience and peace of mind.”

Ideally suited for homeowners with multiple openers in their garage, the Overhead Door® Universal Wireless Wall Console is compatible with most major rolling and fixed code opener brands in the U.S. With no complicated wires or complex programming modes, setup is intuitive and quick. Additionally, customers are free to mix and match garage door opener and receiver brands on one device as each of the three “DOOR” buttons on the console can be programmed individually.

The “Jogger Button” special feature provides several options for a safe and efficient garage exit. When pressing the “DELAY” button one time prior to opening the door, the user will have 10 seconds before the door begins to move. Pressing the button two times will delay operation for 15 seconds and three times for a maximum of 20 seconds before the door moves.

Additionally, the Universal Wireless Wall Console offers a highly-visible LED lighting feature, providing a pulsing backlight that makes the device easy to locate in dark spaces. The backlight’s pulse rate can be changed to an alternate speed or be turned off completely for maximum battery life. The backlight will also turn red to visually indicate when the batteries need to be changed as an added convenience.

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