Volume 23 | Issue 2 | Year 2020

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Sinks New Bridge Medical Center, Industry Today

Ozark River Portable Sinks installed in a temporary facility at the New Bridge Medical Center.Headquartered near Nashville in Murfreesboro, Ozark River Manufacturing, Co. is a leading manufacturer of NSF-certified portable sinks and hand washing stations. These sinks have quickly become a crucial part of helping essential workers across many industries stay safe.

Rather than taking advantage of the fears surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, Ozark River Manufacturing has slashed prices by 50 percent, even though demand has doubled. The company has also radically streamlined its production process to focus on four of its 45 models. The production revamp allows the company to build and ship its sinks more quickly. Products are now shipped within 48 hours, compared to a week or more before the production revamp.

The Centers for Disease Control has placed special emphasis on hand hygiene to stop the spread of the coronavirus. All Ozark River® sinks comply with rapidly changing federal and local handwashing safety codes. Each sink is a self-contained unit and provides hot and cold potable water with quick connect water tanks.

The reliability of the sinks (99.7 percent success rate in the field), NSF certification and the ability to quickly ship its sinks have been the key drivers in helping protect employees and customers.

Early in the crisis, orders were pouring in to equip pop-up hospitals, including for the alternate care facility at the Javits Center in New York City and a 30-bed conversion of a gymnasium space at the New Bridge Medical Center in Paramus, New Jersey. Located near the epicenter of the U.S. outbreak, New Bridge is New Jersey’s largest hospital. When sinks were required for this fast-tracked expansion, Ozark River delivered the fixtures quickly and at a discounted price. The portable hand-washing stations have provided healthcare professionals and patients with the ability to wash immediately at the point of contact, helping to prevent further infections.

Now the focus has been on helping businesses across the country reopen their doors safely to employees and customers. The sinks are playing a vital role across a variety of industries – including manufacturing facilities, distribution centers and retail stores where plumbing is not easily configured – to provide hot-and-cold running water to help ensure the safety of all employees, especially frontline workers who are interacting with patients or customers. Ozark River has received inquiries from leading companies, including Amazon, MGM Grand, Sony Pictures, Toyota, Boeing and Cracker Barrel.

Ozark River is doing everything in its power to supply companies with affordable, portable sinks that will safeguard the health of their employees. Nothing is more important to the company than supporting the essential workers in our country who are on the frontlines, fighting to save lives and stop the spread of this awful disease.

Martin Watts Ozark River Manufacturing, Industry Today
Martin Watts

Martin Watts is the founder and CEO of Tennessee-based Ozark River Manufacturing, Co.


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