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October 6, 2023 PCMag Report Unveils the Top Internet Service Providers

PCMag.com, a reputable name in technology, has recently published its highly anticipated annual report, showcasing the Best ISPs in the US.

  • Ranking methodology was expanded this year to include the ISPs’ coverage area, prices, and customer satisfaction ratings
  • Best Overall ISPs include Starlink, Google Fiber, Armstrong and Sonic
  • Breakdowns of the Best ISPs by region and state are also available

New York, USA – PCMag.com, a reputable name in technology, has recently published its highly anticipated annual report, showcasing the Best Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in the US.

The report offers consumers the most comprehensive look at broadband internet service across the United States to date.

For close to 20 years the report focused on internet speed test data to rank the Fastest ISPs. This year the ranking methodology was expanded to include data about speed, price, availability, and customer satisfaction. This information objectively pinpoints the best ISPs in the US and empowers internet subscribers with an unparalleled resource for making informed purchasing decisions that correspond with their location, budget, and specific needs.

With this more holistic ranking system, some new winners emerged in 2023. SpaceX’s Starlink, for example, earned the highest cumulative score this year and edged out big-name internet providers like Verizon Fios and Spectrum, largely thanks to the fact that Starlink’s satellite internet has an enormous coverage area and high customer satisfaction ratings.

Tech enthusiasts, industry professionals, and consumers seeking top-tier internet experiences can explore the report’s insights and rankings and utilize the thorough research conducted. The complete PCMag report on the best ISPs for the United States in 2023 is now accessible on the PCMag website.

Key Report Highlights:

Speed and Reliability: With the growing prevalence of activities such as streaming, remote work, online gaming, and virtual communication, internet speed and reliability have become essential. The report reveals the ISPs that consistently provide high-speed broadband connections and ensure seamless digital experiences.

Customer Satisfaction: Beyond technical performance, the report also delves into customer satisfaction, shedding light on ISPs that not only deliver on the technical front, but also provide exceptional customer service and support.

Coverage and Availability: The report underscores the importance of internet accessibility, particularly in remote or underserved areas. It highlights ISPs that have successfully extended their coverage to provide internet access to a wider range of communities.

Price: In addition to the aforementioned qualitative measurements, PCMag’s report also takes pricing into account. In the report, price and speed data are combined to calculate each ISP’s cost per megabit per second: a simple and easy-to-understand measurement that makes it easier for internet subscribers to compare providers.

The PCMag team are trusted industry experts with decades of experience in evaluating and reviewing technology to provide readers with objective and accessible advice. Their expanded methodology for creating this extensive report involved crunching data from thousands of internet speed test results, customer satisfaction surveys, and 3rd-party coverage maps, then combining all the data into a single, easy-to-use composite score for each provider. Enabling consumers with actionable insights into the otherwise murky world of ISPs. For the full methodology, click here

About PCMag:
PCMag, a leading authority in technology journalism, offers expert insights and analysis to millions of readers worldwide. With a legacy spanning 40 years, PCMag continues to provide in-depth reviews, features, and reports that empower consumers and businesses to make informed tech-related decisions.


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