A suggested itinerary for travel to four major U.S. cities.

Most American cities have an impressive skyline, and some like New York or Los Angeles are considered world metropolis. They are the center of financial, cultural, and showbusiness power. They also have rich tourist offerings with a lot of attractions, world-class cuisine, and plenty of places for exciting nightlife. You could follow the usual touristic sights or just wander through the vastness of big American authentic city.

New York was hit incredibly hard with the COVID-19, and other big cities also have complicated pandemic situation. The number of cases is falling for some time, and as some European countries are opening, we hope the same will follow in the U.S.

The calling of the Big Apple and other legendary urban centers in the USA is irresistible for many world travelers. That is why we made an itinerary for traveling to four major U.S. cities.

First stop – New York

Big Apple is more than a city. It is a way of life. The city that never sleeps, his name is in so many songs from Frank Sinatra to Alicia Keys. With one visit, you are in danger of catching New York state of mind. Iconic U.S. city was at the forefront of COVID-19 battle, and he fought it with head up high. Millions of visitors from all over the world cannot wait to take a bite in the biggest Apple. So many legendary places, so many sights, and experiences, New York, is the whole package. From must-see Statue of Liberty, Art Deco wonders Empire State Building, through Central Park and Times Square. Artistic Broadway and Greenwich Village and just exploring Manhattan and Brooklyn neighborhoods. One thing is for sure. You will not be bored in one of the world’s metropolis.

Second stop – Chicago

Chicago is another vast American city, a center of the tremendous homegrown jazz scene, world-class cuisine. In the Windy City, you can explore exceptional skyline with some of the tallest buildings in the world. While walking through downtown, try Chicago style hot dog. Experience a famous riverboat cruise. Follow the footsteps of notorious Al Capone or enjoy exceptional sporting past with looking at nineties Chicago Bulls team lead by probably the best American athlete of all times Michael “Air” Jordan. Other attractions include observation decks at Willis Tower, visit Navy Pier, Riverwalk, and Millennium park campus. Chicago is also the starting point for Route 66.

Third stop – Las Vegas

The main street in Las Vegas is the Strip. Set yourself in a hotel and take a walk down the iconic boulevard where you can see legendary attractions in most famous world casinos. Play slot games or poker in Bellagio, or just enjoy its monumental fountains. All casinos and hotels have some crazy appeal. The Venetian Casino build a mini version of Venice. The Mirage has a Volcano, Mandalay Bay Aquarium, and the Beach. Other world-known casinos include Caesars Palace and the Paris Eiffel Tower. In Las Vegas vicinity, you can find the gigantic Hoover Dam and Red Rock Canyon with the unreal landscape.

Final stop – Los Angeles

The city of dreams that creates dreams and visions for the entire World. Fun is on every corner, from original Disneyland, through motion picture studios tour. For all movie lovers, take a stroll down Hollywood walk-off fame and see the stars that built American entertainment powerhouse. Rodeo Drive is a must-see and shops for visitors with deeper pockets, while Venice or Malibu beach is the center of daytime outdoor activity. Large sandy beaches, ocean, waves, and thousands of beautiful people. You can explore downtown Los Angeles, try rich street-food offerings or head to the Griffith Observatory and experience something completely different from Hall of the Sky exhibition.

How to visit the U.S.

Tourism is slowly opening in European countries with Greece and Croatia inviting visitors to come. The appeal of the U.S large urban centers is enormous, and with relaxing of the measures, we could hopefully go to the United States again. If we follow the USA COVID-19 Live map, we could see that all big cities were walloped with coronavirus. To even enter the USA, you will have to complete the procedure of the Visa Waiver Program and American ESTA. As of March 16, the electronic system for travel authorization does not take the applications. Once travel bans are cleared, the process is straightforward. ESTA requires you to fill in the information, and the system will determine whether you can enter the country. It is part of VWP that can grant you 90 days visit if you come from eligible countries.

Bottom line

Looking at New York or Chicago downtown skyline in movies is one thing but experience the bustling city life in person is a whole another level. If you add Las Vegas as a center of gambling and extraordinary shows and attractions and the entertainment capital of the World in Los Angeles, the U.S. visit will give most more than they can handle. The United States deserves more than one visit, and there are so many incredible sights, natural wonders, and attractions connected to the American lifestyle.

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