Here is why point of purchase displays are effective in retail marketing.

In this modern digital age, where e-commerce has taken over a lot of markets, it is getting harder and harder for brick and mortar stores to survive. But while competing with e-commerce stores is not easy, retail businesses can overcome this challenge by following some of the modern marketing and advertising tactics. One of the best ways of improving sales at your retail stores is to add more fire to the impulsive shopping. If a customer is confused about making a purchase, you can tilt his mind towards purchasing the product with the help of techniques like Point of purchase display marketing. Having a point of purchase displays (aka POP displays) in your retail store allows you to establish a store within the store. In this article, I have discussed a few reasons that will convince you to use POP displays in your retail marketing. Let’s take a look:

Draws More Attention to Products

The best part about POP displays is that they come in a variety of shapes and styles. There are POP displays that are interactive and convince customers with creativity. While others are just visually stunning and can grab the attention of customers in their very first glimpse. So it does not matter whether it is a newly launched product you want to advertise or if it is a product in bulk you want to sell off quickly. POP Displays will allow you to draw attention to it and will increase sales dramatically.

In-Store Decision

As mentioned earlier, POP displays target impulsive buying as well, which means that the display will act as a salesperson for you. According to studies, more than 80% of the decisions to buy a product are made inside the store during shopping. POP displays can make up the mind of the person to buy the product without them even realizing it. When people come across a new product at a store, they are reluctant to buy it, but if you have a POP display for that product with a little bit of creativity, then they are more likely to make the purchase.

Affordable Marketing Tactic

To improve their retail business, stores use several marketing techniques. The point of purchase displays advertising is one of the cheapest and most effective marketing techniques for retailers. It makes sure that you improve your sales without spending too much on marketing and advertising. Studies at Harvard business school have proven that using POP advertising is highly effective and is much cheaper compared to TV commercials.

Enhances Shopping Experience

POP displays do not only sell your products, but it also enhances the shopping experience of your customers. And that is exactly what a modern customer looks for these days. The better the shopping experience is, the more likely a customer is to make the purchase. With POP displays, you are not just putting up eye candy for the customers, but with the interactive features, you are providing them a complete shopping experience. Adding features like touch displays, QR scanners, and discount offers will grab a lot of attention and will give the customer a reason to make the purchase.

Color Psychology

Another great thing about POP displays is that they let you play with color psychology and give another opportunity to attract more people. You can go with the colors that match the brand theme, or you can stick to the colors of the product only. Also, every point of purchase display needs to have a call to action, and it is recommended that you choose aggressive colors like red or orange. Using the right color scheme will magically grab the attention of more audience and will improve your sales dramatically.

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