The Booker credit card machine vs the Clover Station: What is the best for restaurants?

When you own a restaurant, you need to make some important logistical decisions to ensure that your business is as efficient as possible. One of the most significant choices you will make is which point of sale system to use. While this may sound like just getting a credit card reader, the reality is that it can significantly enhance or hinder your business workflows. If choosing between the Booker credit card machine and the Clover Station, which should you pick?

The Hardware

The Clover Station features a large touchscreen that gives users access to the Clover system software. It includes an integrated credit card reader (both magnetic strip and chip) and has optional add-ons such as a cash drawer and a dedicated customer screen. The system also has functionality for reading mobile payment apps and contactless cards.

The design of the clover is modern, and it is well-made for regular business use. It has quickly become a top choice among businesses.

If you choose the Booker POS system, you will find that the hardware setup is slightly different. The main system for Booker is accessible through your computer. Then, you can accept payments on either a credit card terminal or the Clover Mini POS device. It can be a contactless POS system as well as accepting payment cards.

Depending on what hardware you choose for Booker, it can either look sleek and modern or conservative and understated. It is also very reliable and works quickly.

The Software

Bigger differences emerge in the software for each. The Clover 2.0 software is very powerful and customizable. It includes features such as table, reservation and order management. Additionally, you can use the cash discount program to reward your customers for paying cash.

Working with the Clover software is fast and easy. It is also very easy to learn, even for new and inexperienced team members.

The Booker software is designed to help businesses that accept appointments (hence the name). There are tools for letting customers book online. Additionally, you can use Booker to promote your business by capturing customer contact information and sending out promotional messages.

Unlike the Clover system, using Booker, you can even sell online easily if you want to. For example, you could sell gift certificates.

The Verdict

Overall, the Clover Station is a more traditional choice for restaurants. It has plenty of features that full-service and quick-serve restaurants can benefit from. It is probably too large for food trucks or pop-ups. However, the Clover Mini can work in those instances.

Booker POS is more intended for spas, salons and similar businesses. However, it can be useful for a restaurant in the right circumstances.

Get Started Today

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