Since digitalization is a powerful trend no one can ignore, taking care of having these advantages handy is a smart and foresighted idea.

Each of us regularly uses WiFi networks in public places – cafes, transport, shops, bus stops, etc. The number of access points is growing every day. We all want to stay in touch and free Wifi perfectly solves this problem in any situation.

However, this method has serious downsides.

Public Wifi networks are dangerous and more and more people start considering alternative solutions for a reliable internet connection, portable internet in particular.

Let’s discuss this new trend and the ways to join it.

Public Wifi Threats

Using public WiFi is like working in a glass office: everyone sees your documents, passwords and personal data. Not a single professional IT-person will even turn on WiFi on his device in such a place. And all IT specialists know that there is no place more dangerous than public WiFi at the airport.

When connecting to WiFi in a cafe, you de facto flaunt all your traffic. Using a technology called sniffing, criminals may send all data packets to all machines in one local area network. That is, your packets are also received by everyone who is connected to the same network. As a result, a simple program can intercept everything that the laptop transmits at the next table.

Other most common dangers associated with this sort of hacking include:

  • Traffic Analysis. The owner of the WiFi spot or the person who got access to it can view all the traffic that passes through the network. With the help of a data packet analyzer, it is possible to find out what pages people visited from connected devices and what info they filled into forms on sites that use the HTTP protocol. This can be login information, message texts, forum posts, etc. With the help of a traffic analyzer, a hacker can also steal a cookie with a session ID, which can be used to log into sites under the victim’s account.
  • Password Theft Pages. When people connect to WiFi in a public place, they can be sent to a page asking to confirm their identity by phone number or pass authorization through social networks. The owner of a spot can collect all the data entered on these pages for personal use.
  • Fake Hotspots. Hackers can create a clone of a public network to steal data. This is called a man-in-the-middle attack. In this case, all your traffic, all logins, passwords, data that you enter pass through a hacker.
  • Malware Infection. In the same way, a person can be transferred not only to phishing attack sites but also to pages for downloading viruses, which can steal a lot of valuable information for a fraudster from a computer (passwords, documents). The result depends on how much the victim cares about the security of his computer.

Why People Choose Portable Internet

Professionals that need a portable 4g modem are people who often work on the commute or go on business trips. Also, portable internet is essential for IT developers, content creators, editors, marketing researchers, journalists working in the field, long-distance drivers, sales representatives, graphic designers, freelance translators – the list is truly long.

People who travel a lot face many difficulties when using the Internet abroad, such as slow connection in hotels, expensive roaming for a small number of megabytes, difficulties in acquiring and setting up a local SIM card. Having bought a pocket modem, you go on a trip with a tuned high-speed Internet and additional benefits:

  • your own Wifi hotspot
  • staying in touch around the clock
  • profitable roaming and tariffs
  • sending photos and video files
  • connecting multiple devices at the same time

A portable 4g modem is an indispensable device for a modern person. The convenience of it lies not only in its compactness but also in the ability to have high-speed internet wherever you are. Due to these indisputable advantages, mobile modems are getting much steam nowadays.

Best Portable Internet Solutions

People who need a constant Internet connection and support the trend of choosing portable WiFi solutions, can choose from a number of viable products. Let us review the emerging and popular technologies so that you can find the best way to take on the trend.


Nect modem is a startup entering the market this year. Still, it has already managed to create a lot of buzz among the interested bodies as it promises a range of benefits over its competitors.

For instance, the device provides an opportunity to utilize two cards at once so that you won’t be tied to the Nect internet contract. What’s more, the device is a modem, not a router; therefore, it provides a faster 4G LTE connection. In addition, it doesn’t need to be charged (a small sleek device is connected directly to the laptop) and offers an integrated VPN service.


The Chinese concern provides the operation of their ZTE WiFi hotspots in networks of any generation, depending on the model of the device. Modems work at the speed that a mobile operator is able to provide. Like many USB modems of this class, the ZTE modem has onboard drivers for various operating systems that allow the device to work on computers of various types and manufacturers.


Huawei modem can be used not only on the road, but also as a full-fledged access point in an apartment, office, country house. In terms of configuration, this device is as simple as possible. For the internet to work, you just need to insert the SIM card into the modem and insert the modem into the PC, laptop or router with a USB port. Huawei modem has additional connectors for attaching an external 3G antenna which allows you to make the reception more stable.


The compact Skyroam access point/power bank offers you complete and automatic freedom, and you no longer need to look for a store to find a regional SIM card, enter into any agreement or sign a contract with any mobile company. In addition, a guaranteed connection ensures your safety and peace of mind.

Roaming Man

Roaming Man is a portable hotspot providing WiFi and 4G LTE access points in more than 130 countries and regions. Roaming Man offers a strong international internet connection and long-running battery life and secure interactions. Regular travelers may like the option to get the G3 solution for a relatively low price.

Phone Hotspot

Personal hotspot activated in the sections of your phone settings allows you to use your device as a pocket WiFi access point. That is, a smartphone or tablet performs the function of a router, including the ability to distribute the Internet. However, this function significantly reduces battery life. Therefore, this is not the best solution for people who need the internet for work. It is recommended that you use your phone as a hotspot only when you have a charger with you.

Final Word

A portable Wifi modem is a compact device that provides access to the Internet on any device from anywhere in the world. Modern portable modems and routers are quite compact and lightweight, which makes them a very popular choice for tech-savvy professionals and travellers.

Buying such a gadget, you will get:

  • Safe and constant internet connection
  • A portable device that does not need a constant electrical connection to operate
  • Access to LTE networks
  • The ability to use it as a flash drive, if there is a slot for a memory card

Needless to say, you get the ability to use high-speed internet everywhere and anytime. Since digitalization is a powerful trend no one can ignore, taking care of having these advantages handy is a smart and foresighted idea.

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