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Mandatory quarantine, besides restricting education in many aspects, gives us an opportunity to glimpse at gaps in education and think how Education Software Development Services can solve them right now.

It is difficult to formulate the common pace of education development for all countries because the education level across the world is different. However, three key directions of improvements concern accessibility, digitalization, developing universal educational digital systems, and assistive technology.

Urgent Needs In Education Development, Industry Today

Improvement after crisis

The education sector is experiencing tough times and a shortage of investment and halted projects. However, now educational startups are showing their value. Growth of technology solutions will accelerate in the long-term and reach areas where children have never been experiencing technology in learning at all. Only 34% of students from Indonesia have access to a computer at home, compared to 95% of students in Switzerland, Norway, Austria it is a huge difference. The digital divide will increase to necessarily form a bridge with education organizations and direct forces to the continuity of learning and safety to children. Estimated, that learning has become unavailable for 1.5 billion children because of coronavirus. Demand for proper and easy-to-use, cross-platform solutions will be huge. The need for using classroom management software or assessment software, content management systems will be coming from everywhere, from schools, kindergartens, and universities.

How to prevent education startup failure during and after lockdown

Discover Of Startup Business Analysis, Industry Today

Great startups usually fail because of a lack of efficient and professional technical support. As a result, the product takes a lot of time to be delivered to the market and turns out to be expensive because. Startups seek affordable software development services and if search stops, they are at risk to lose their idea forever. The software development company Inxoft offers startups technical supervision and the opportunity to conduct the Discovery phase of their business idea. Discovery, that will cost startups from $500-$5000 is their guarantee they are building the right solutions and will be profitable. Team of engineers and business analysts will create business models for startups, evaluate risks, market trends, the relevance of ideas for end-users. As a result of thorough business analysis, startups will understand if they should continue investing in their idea and shift to UX sketches, and MVP, or improve it in cooperation with other companies or professionals. The Discovery phase is a ticket to success, that also includes refined functional, non-functional features of the software. So, startup founders will have all documented requirements and can track a partner’s quality of service. In case they cooperate with any company or any engineer, they will be able to cross-check the results as they are provided with requirements on the paper, concluded by BA, quality assurance engineers, and team leads.

Development of Assistive technology and inclusive education

Assistive And Accessible Technology Examples, Industry Today

Coronavirus disrupted education firstly in areas with poor or no Internet connection. Estimated by SDG4 report 65 000 000 primary and lower secondary school children with disabilities are out of school. At the greatest risks are marginalized children and specific risks students with disabilities or special needs who have lost the opportunity to study.

Promoting literacy for people with disabilities, so that all of the children could read, easily access, and understand materials is the first on the to-do list in the education field.

Assistive technology is a key to equality in learning regardless of opportunities and conditions learners struggle with. Assistive software could convert studying materials and synthesize text into Braille characters. Accessible technologies as speech-to-text apps and apps with accessibility features could enrich education with testing, reading, writing digital solutions for everyone. Inoxoft has experience in creating a virtual keyboard solution that allowed people with printing disabilities to text and study productively. The value of such solutions is huge for millions of people and truly worth investing in.

The emergence of Digital Libraries

Updating old websites of libraries, reformatting text materials into video and audio formats is the necessity that nowadays restricts students significantly. The next checkpoint for software development is to ensure universal accessibility of digital libraries so that learners could access e-books of different formats, copy and scan it remotely and go into a virtual library, choose a necessary book by clicking on it and book access to it whenever they wish. Even in a non-pandemic situation visiting and commuting to libraries, copying, and scanning books is a time-consuming challenge in many countries. At Inoxoft we have experience in solving problems with preserving e-books and creating cloud storage solutions for institutions with the largest heritages of books, artworks, and needs for virtual integration. If you are interested in developing an all-in-one solution for a library or a university or any other spectrum where it could be used, feel free to contact us and learn more about our existing solution, how it helps our clients now.

Technologies for the youngest learners for whom it is difficult to learn at a distance as they need the presence and facilitation of teachers in order not to miss the important basic skills like counting, reading, writing, etc.

More attention to quality of online education

Little preparation, staggered schedule, and delayed, postponed tests pose a huge threat to education quality. According to a survey of 80,848 high school and college students only 27% of students consider continuing online studies in the future, while 53% do not.

The disruptive barriers are communication issues and inappropriate assessment of children’s homework, no facilities to satisfy effective levels of teamwork and practice of strategic skills like organizing and representing their ideas effectively. Without proper digital tools at hand it became difficult to conduct oral exams, listening comprehension tests, writing skills, etc.

Modern educational solutions should be universal digital educational platforms, created following government support, evaluating, and recommendations. We come up closer to the lack of digitalization and scattered learning processes across cities, regions, and thus, very great gaps in the education system of the whole country.

Unified digital solutions should be accessible for all schools, integrated with libraries, including materials, scheduling, assessment modules that would contribute to transparency and equality in studies as well.

Everyone would access and learn from the same base of greatest learning materials, which would include video content, interactive lessons, webinars, and more. This is what we offer product owners and institutions creating software for education, to create innovative modules and expertise in creating necessary LMS, CMS, modules, and integrations.

Learning via video

Schoolchildren now get access to learning materials via television broadcasting aimed to prepare for admissions and teach the most essential knowledge via short video lessons. Video learning is a tendency to which youth is getting quickly accustomed. It takes less time, it is interactive and engaging, helping pupils keep pace with their curriculum at once. Video-integrated language learning solution New Amigos by Inoxoft, is an application for learning languages with native speakers that testifies once again the impact and popularity of video learning across the world.

Video integrated software should also ensure the content to be translated into minor languages, with added transcription, subtitles, and graphics which many solutions lack today.

Solutions To Bring Digital Changes In Education Already Today, Industry Today

Educational institutions are forced by quarantine to continue and accelerate digitalization locally. Neither educators nor learners won’t come back to conventional studies, because things they learn during the crisis cannot be unlearnt. The challenges in front of the field are numerous, but in tight cooperation with educational software companies all attempts are destined to succeed and sustainable results.

If you have a project idea or you are launching a startup and seek professional technical support, feel free to learn about Inoxoft, an international software development company with expertise in education development.

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