Volume 11 | Issue 6 | Year 2008

With over 40 years of experience in the field, Cemec is ranked number one in Brazil for the production of power and distribution transformers for the providers of electric power. An active supplier to the industrial, commercial, agricultural and service sectors, Cemec is a pioneer in developing a transformer with an aluminum tank that is submersible, self-protected and pad-mounted. The company is currently based out of Fortaleza, in Brazil’s north, and Sao Paulo, and supplies clients all over the country.
“We were founded 45 years ago, and have since become a company whose name is synonymous with quality throughout Brazil,” says Augusto Cesar V. Rodrigues, Cemec’s general manager. The company is branching out to international markets, and is fully prepared to compete with pioneers in the sector worldwide. Certified with ISO: 9001, Cemec guarantees production, development, technical assistance, and effective control of its productive chain, monitoring complete customer satisfaction in every aspect of the process, from initial product design to final product delivery. All Cemec transformers are projected and tested in accordance with the most rigorous ABTN-5380-5356-544 standards, and the company always seeks to match customer specifications.

Cemec leads the field in transformer production in North and Northeast Brazil, and the company’s high-quality production is well known throughout the country. Cemec’s clientele includes Vicunha Textil, Companhia Vale do Rio Doce, Petrobras, White Martins, and Jacobina Meneracao.

A part of the J. Macedo Group, developed in 1939 and today one of Brazil’s largest private companies (owning Aguia crackers, Dona Benta, Petybon and Hidracor Paint), Cemec takes its lead from this landmark company and indeed stands up to the J. Macedo Group’s reputation for excellence.

Transformers, devices that transfer electrical energy from one circuit to another through inductively coupled electrical conductors, all operate with the same basic principles, despite a considerable wide range of designs. The device is based on two principles: that an electric current can produce a magnetic field, and that a changing magnetic field within a coil of wire induces a voltage across the ends of the coil. The strength of the current’s magnetic field is changed when the current in the magnetic field is changed, and voltage is induced across the secondary coil when this changing magnetic field extends into the secondary coil. By adding a load to the secondary circuit, current can be made to flow in the transformer, which transfers energy from one circuit to the other. This process makes transformers some of the most efficient electrical machines available.

The basic transformer principle dates back to 1831, when it was first discovered by Michael Faraday, although at the time it was used only to demonstrate the principle of electromagnetic induction. These days, new technologies have rendered transformers obsolete in many electronics applications, although they are still used in many electronic devices, and are indeed essential for highvoltage power transmission, making long distance transmission economically practical.

Cemec’s innovative product line ranges among the latest models of transformers including:

  • Three-Phase: distribution three-phase transformer – Conventional pole-mounted – CL 15kV/25kV/36,2kV;
  • Single-Phase: distribution single-phase transformer (phase-neutral) – conventional pole-mounted – CL 15kV/25kV/36,2kV;
  • Aluminum: distribution three phase transformer – conventional pole-mounted – alloy of aluminum tank for high salinity places – CL 15kV/25kV/36,2kV;
  • Pad-Mounted: distribution three-phase transformer for underground line – CL15kV/25kV;
  • Medium Power: three-phase medium power transformer – CL 15kV/25kV/36,2kV;
  • Power: three-phase power transformer – CL 15kV/36,2kV/72,5kV;
  • Underground: Distribution three-phase transformer for underground lines – CL 15kV/25kV;
  • Substation: compact Shielded with transformer incorporated 75kVa a 1000kVA – CL 15kV.

Cemec’s wide range of activities extends far beyond that of producing and selling its line of transformers. The highly trained Cemec team works to increase and improve its clients’ profits, employing state-of-the-art technology and precision instruments, ensuring a service that guarantees operational reliability and equipment that operates efficiently and with high performance.

The Cemec laboratory also has capabilities for physical-chemical analysis. The chemical laboratory is set up to analyze insulating oil and is able to test factors such as dielectric rigidity, water testing, power factor, dissipation factor, density, artificial tension, neutralization index, gas chromatographic analysis, flash point, PCB analysis to check corrosive sulfur, combustion point, cinematic viscosity, inorganic chloride and sulfates, preheating tests, paint adhesion and thickness, wood humidity, rudder composition, and compatibility of materials with the insulating oil.

Maintenance of transformers and related equipment is just as important as the design of the equipment itself, and the Cemec facilities are designed to conduct a range of predictive, preventative and corrective maintenance for substations and equipment running, corrective maintenance services for transformers, leakage detection, substitution and regeneration of insulating oil, switch checking, and MT Circuit-breakers repair.

The facility also has capabilities to conduct electrical equipment tests, including routine tests in addition to the range of tests required in accordance with ABNT, ANSI an IEC standards.

Because of these capabilities, Cemec, with its hands in projects countrywide, will continue to play a large part in Brazil’s growth and emergence on the international radar. With a specialized team, dedication to research and development, and notoriety for quality products, Cemec is truly there to empower Brazil.

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