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It’s time to move house; time to buy a new found the perfect house for you and your family and you think that you might have found the perfect house and are about to sign over the checks and look over the documents for a final time. This is when you should stop immediately and question if you are rushing things and get a professional to value the house to see if the dream house is indeed perfect. But why you might ask, why should I get it professionally valued? Well here are some reasons why.

Hidden issues

A lot of houses, especially the older ones will have hidden issues such as mouldy walls and ceilings which could be caused by improper or failing insulation materials causing a cold spot in the house. This issue and similar issues are easily hide able and can be quickly done in a botch job to give the house an appearance of being in pristine condition. However, the illusion won’t last forever and you’ll soon be paying a fortune to fix it. A good property surveyor which is part of getting the house professionally valued will easily be able to spot these issues and could possibly save you the hassle and money hiring a contractor to come and fix the issue which could take anywhere from a few thousand pounds and take at least a few weeks to fix the issues ( depending on severity and type of issue ).

Overpriced house?

A good property surveyor will tell you the total value of the house taking location and size into factor and give you an estimate of how much the house Is worth ( please note that they can’t give you an exact price as its just an estimate and could be off by a few thousand at each end ). Biased on their estimates and professional opinion you could decide if the place is overpriced as is common with the housing industry to over price a house and is an incentive to homeowners to sell the house overpriced to either cover the law and advertising fees or just for more profit. For example, you wouldn’t buy a house which is valued for one hundred and twenty thousand pounds but is selling for two hundred thousand pounds. It’s not worth it too. However, this could also be on the contrary where the house is valued for more than it’s selling which, could also happen if a seller just wanted some quick cash; therefore it’s worth just buying the house as you are getting a good price and possibly flip it for profit.

Price negotiating

If the house, you wish to buy is professionally valued and given an estimated price lower than the selling price you could possibly renegotiate the price with the relevant seller or estate agency where most of the time they would reduce their price by several thousand pounds to come close to the estimated price to insure they get a sale with you. Remember that you are the customer paying them so don’t be afraid to push hard and negotiate the pricing.

To get your house professionally valued (as I’m sure you’ll after reading this article) please click on this link for a good, trusted and competent company:

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