January 18, 2019

The construction industry has some of the highest fatality rates of any type of job. There are countless hazards around every corner. Ensuring that your workforce is adequately protected from these hazards is important not only for their wellbeing, but also for the image of your business.

Protecting Your Workforce, Industry Today
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Investing in the best tools is something every construction manager knows the importance of. But have you considered investing in the best safety equipment? This is perhaps even more important. It not only prevents injuries, but will also go a long way in giving your workers a sense of confidence, helping them continue performing throughout their shifts.

Here are five must-have pieces of safety gear for your construction site.

Eye Protection

Drilling, cutting, brickwork and vehicles all create some form of dust or airborne materials that are responsible for eye injuries onsite. The vast majority of these injuries can be prevented with a simple pair of safety goggles or protective glasses.

If your workers are dealing with tasks such as welding, a full-face shield is important to have. Certain face shields also integrate respiratory devices and head protection. These modern solutions can save you time and money by incorporating numerous safety gear functions into one.

Hard Hats

Even the smallest bolt or piece of concrete can cause serious injury to your head when falling from a few floors above. The possibility of a head injury is basically inevitable, which is why hard hats are a staple of every construction site. You probably already know this, so it all comes down to choosing the right helmet.

Harnessland offers a carbon fiber hard hat which provides superior protection, a comfortable fit and moisture-wicking fabric to prevent sweat build-up. Be sure to include signposts stating where hard hats need to be worn around your site and enforce strict rules to prevent any accidents.

Visibility Vests

Did you know that a third of fatal construction site accidents involve someone being struck by a vehicle? Even on the brightest of days, sites can become dusty and serious accidents can happen when visibility is poor. Reflective jackets are highly affordable and available almost everywhere, making them a must-have for every site.

Hearing Protection

Construction sites are some of the loudest workplaces out there and it won’t take long before someone with unprotected ears faces the consequences. A good pair of ear plugs will significantly reduce your chances of hearing damage while still maintaining the ability to hear speech and warning signals.

Respiratory Protection

Aside from dust, there can also be harmful gasses and chemicals in the air from activities such as spray painting and gas-powered tools. For the latter, you’ll have to look further than the disposable paper masks, as those only protect against dust. More advanced dust masks are available to protect your workers from all airborne hazards.

Some other noteworthy pieces of safety gear include gloves, body warmers, work boots and harnesses. Assess the needs of your construction site and provide all the necessary equipment accordingly. Your workers will thank you for it.

Protecting Your Workforce, Industry TodayMian Azhar
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