Volume 4 | Issue 5 | Year 2001

When you look at Edelbrock Corporation’s annual report, you’ll most likely do a double take on those vivid advertisements and wonder if it’s not a piece from the Indianapolis 500. With it’s colorful tide of ads and banners, the award-winning manufacturer and distributor of performance automotive and motorcycle parts is just representing a variety of products and advertisements to its average clientele. Edelbrock, which specializes in after-market performance and replacement parts, takes pride in both its products and the clientele that uses them. It’s no surprise to see performance vehicles such as racecars, sport utility vehicles and motorcycles clad with Edelbrock parts, and the fact that Edelbrock’s intake manifolds are the only one of their kind licensed by NASCAR only adds to the business’ booming success. For the past two years, Forbes magazine has cited Edelbrock as one of its 200 Best Small Companies.

Victor Edelbrock Jr., president and chief executive officer, says, “The unprecedented and growing interest in motor sports now sweeping the nation, along with America’s love affair with the automobile, allows Edelbrock to be in the position to supply this demand to the large consumer base, which is eagerly awaiting our vast array of products.” As long as there are automobile enthusiasts out there, Edelbrock feels confident the company will continue on an upward spiral. No doubt he’s right. Since the company’s inception in 1938, automotive enthusiasts have looked to Edelbrock to make their sportsters and Harleys run smoother and faster than ever.

But you won’t find Edelbrock products only on performance vehicles. Although the company’s niche remains mainly in the NASCAR and performance vehicle market, automotive enthusiasts also use a vast array of Edelbrock products to bolster the performance of their everyday vehicles.

Zero to 60
Founded in 1938 by Victor Edelbrock Sr., Edelbrock Corporation began its business in a small garage. The turning point that made Edelbrock a name to be reckoned with in the automotive industry came with Edelbrock Sr.’s purchase of a 1932 roadster. “This was (Edelbrock’s) introduction into the world of hot rods and performance vehicles,” according to company representatives. The purchase of that roadster led Edelbrock Sr. to design the auto part that has become the company’s signature product, the Slingshot manifold. It was the first product to feature the Edelbrock name.

Vic Jr., Edelbrock’s son, took over the company’s operations when the founder died in 1962. Edelbrock is still based in the Los Angeles area, where it has been from the beginning. Starting with the Slingshot, the company has built a position as one of the nation’s premier designers, manufacturers and distributors of performance replacement parts for the automotive and motorcycle after-market.

Edelbrock has slightly more than 600 employees altogether. Solid investments and the acquisition of three manufacturing facilities have positioned the company for more growth. Its manufacturing facilities in Torrance and San Jacinto, Calif., measure 400,000 square feet, 110,000 square feet dedicated to its state-of-the-art aluminum foundry; 50 percent of Edelbrock’s sales comes from aluminum products. The company owns and operates its QwikSilver Division, which is dedicated to the manufacturing of after-market motorcycle parts.

Fast Moves
Improved technology has allowed Edelbrock engineers to keep pace with the latest tools they need to get the job done right. Edelbrock has a new distribution center, new shipping system, new state-of the-art machining centers, new and improved shock production lines, and an increased manufacturing capacity for cylinder heads and manifolds. According to Edelbrock representatives, “With two additional CNC machining centers and a new, more efficient floor plan, Edelbrock has increased intake manifold production considerably.” With the expansion of the manufacturing space and the response to quality products, customers, including the NASCAR group, can rest assured that Edelbrock can rise to current product demand.

Its recent agreement with Ultra Wheel Company allows Ultra Wheel to sell a line of high-performance wheels under the Edelbrock name. The company has also launched a joint venture with JG Engine Dynamics/Lightspeed to market a line of headers and internal engine, exhaust and suspension components under the JG Dynamics and Edelbrock names.

Although the company manufactures cylinder heads, intake manifolds, camshafts and pistons, by far the most interesting concept for auto enthusiasts, professionals and laymen alike is Edelbrock Nitrous Systems. The same nitrous oxide gas used to send patients to la-la land in the dentist’s office is also the quickest and easiest way to increase a Harley’s horsepower at full throttle. Edelbrock Nitrous Systems are designed and made only for Harley-Davidson motorcycles; it’s the customer’s call as to how much jolt he/she can purchase. It allows the serious cyclist, according to company literature, “to have serious horsepower available at the flip of a switch.”

President and CEO Edelbrock recognizes the company’s success from an internal standpoint. He says, “Great internal execution throughout the fiscal 2000 year enabled us to leverage the brand name against vibrant and growing auto markets.” A watchful eye on the competition, no debt, lots of market research, quality products, progressive sales and a talented staff form the rock-solid basis of the company’s business. The Edelbrock team is a tight-knit group that includes family members, the staff and friends who have a personal interests in the company. Together, they’re driven to succeed.

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