EDI Transactions: How to Avoid Chargebacks

Electronic Data Interchange has been around for so long that it is practically taken for granted—an oversight that has become prohibitively costly particularly for small to medium-sized companies (SMEs). What is the source of that bleeding red ink that plays havoc with business balance sheets? The answer is the bane of all business transactions: chargebacks.

This white paper, developed by Michael Mantzke, an expert in the field of digital data, examines how and why SMEs continue to fall into those traps that squeeze bottom lines. The paper explores seemingly innocuous oversights that are anything but, such as improperly completed EDI fields or other fields that are ignored because those responsible do not understand their relevance or importance.

Mantzke warns readers against the presumption that an app is coming to resolve these problems. The answer, he writes, can be found in human rather than technological expertise.

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