The importance of sanitizing commercial bathrooms from COVID-19.

Sanitizing Commercial Bathrooms, Industry Today

A bajillion individuals come in and out of commercial bathrooms on a daily basis. Having said that, these places are a breeding ground for germs, bacteria, and viruses, which include the contagious CoVid-19.

It is essential to make sure that commercial bathrooms are clean and sanitized at all times as the COVID-19 has been found to stay on hard or metal surfaces for several hours or days. Aside from that, here are other reasons why it is important to always ensure the cleanliness of such areas:

1. Minimizes The Spread Of Virus

Cleaning and sanitizing are two separate processes that must always be done in commercial bathrooms. These do not only rid them of unwanted odors and make them pleasant to look at but also benefit the health of whoever uses them.

Cleaning commercial bathrooms usually involve the use of water and detergent or bleach.

However, cleaning alone can’t kill all the bad elements. Thus, it’s recommended that after cleaning, sanitizing using disinfectant products is needed to annihilate COVID-19.

There are numerous effective virus killer disinfectants available in the market that are useful in sanitizing bathrooms. Make sure to choose sanitizing products that are safe to use by the janitorial staff and don’t cause some allergies.

Cleaners or janitorial staff of commercial bathrooms must be consistent in cleaning and sanitizing every part of the commercial bathroom stalls. They must include the door handles, supporting handrails, bathroom stall doors, faucet, and even the sink. By doing this, commercial bathroom users won’t acquire the COVID-19 even when they touch any part of the bathroom.

However, cleaners or janitorial staff of commercial bathrooms must also protect themselves from acquiring COVID-19 while performing their job. They can do so by wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) to protect themselves from COVID-19. Moreover, the PPE can also serve as a protection against the harmful effects of chemical and disinfectant products they used.

2. Keeps Users Safe

As you age, your immune system weakens, which makes you more prone to diseases even to the attack of COVID-19. Aged people and youngsters are the most monitored individuals from this pandemic viral infection because they have weaker immune systems, which the virus can quickly attack.

Hence, keeping the commercial bathroom consistently sanitized ensures the safety and comfort of every user from COVID-19 and other diseases. It includes sanitizing the commonly touchable surfaces like curtains, handles, faucets, and doorknobs since people acquire the virus through droplets or touching these infected surfaces.

Frequent sanitizing touchable surfaces are applicable everywhere. Since the COVID-19 affects every individual and business, it’s also a must that everyone should sanitize their bathroom. Whether it’s your retail store, industry, business, any other facility, and your own houses, the sanitization of surfaces that are frequently touched by hands is necessary.

Traditional ways of cleaning aren’t enough to get rid of the viruses from spreading, but sanitization can keep the surface virus free and safe for every user.

3. Prevents Risking User’s Health

People with a contagious disease like COVID-19 can harm other users when using an unsanitized common bathroom. The infected person can also transmit the virus to others that cause the virus to spread. If it’s frequently sanitized, you can protect the users’ health from being at risk.

Through cleanliness and proper sanitation, good health and hygiene of every commercial bathroom user are rest assured. Getting sick can be avoided and prevented from spending much money on hospital bills and medicines, just because of a virus acquired at the commercial bathrooms.

4. Saves Lives

Most importantly, the sanitization of commercial bathrooms is vital to help save lives not only to users but also to people around them. Since commercial users may vary from youngsters to the elderly, you can prevent every user from acquiring such viruses.

Imagine if one user is a COVID-19 carrier touched the doorknob of the cubicle; it’s highly likely that this person has already transmitted the virus. Even if the person washes his hands after using the cubicle, he already left the COVID-19 virus on the doorknob.

As a result, the next user can acquire the virus. If the user has a weak immune system, then he might not survive the pandemic COVID-19. But if your cleaners have wiped off the doorknob of the cubicle before someone uses it, the virus is eliminated. Thus, transmitting it to other people with health issues is removed. If this goes on, then you can save many lives from being at risk.


Now that you’ve sanitized your commercial bathrooms, you’ll be of great help to the users. Not only are you keeping it clean, but you’re also minimizing the spread of the virus.

Like a domino effect, you’re keeping the users safe from the COVID-19. Also, you’re decreasing your users’ health risk from the virus. Lastly, by sanitizing, you’re saving lives as the virus gets killed before they can find a human host.

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