A look at some simple solutions for various supply chain challenges.

When it comes to supply chain collaboration with carriers, shippers too often rely on manual or only partly digitalized processes.

In a modern supply chain however, this should no longer be the case.

A fully digitalized and flexible system can help you avoid uncertainties, reduce human errors and lower your overall logistics cost.

Computer aided organization and real-time monitoring of your logistics greatly increases transparency and visibility of your operations.

If you’re after a simple solution to all of the various supply chain challenges that you face day to day, then let us introduce to you the IMPARGO ShipperPortal, the #1 tool for transportation management.

The supply chain problem that shippers face

The shipping industry has evolved.

Any business continuing with an overreliance on manual supply chain collaboration processes will soon find themselves left behind due to their inefficiencies, meaning they’re unable to compete effectively.

Uncertainties and additional costs in a Shipper’s in and outbound logistical operations, typically arise from a few key sources:

  • Inability to control and monitor the execution of transport assignments.
  • Time spent on completing transport assignments by phone / e-mail.
  • Deviations from the transport schedule due to unplanned incidents.
  • Human errors in manual data entry.

These issues lead to bulky processes and unnecessary logistics costs.

To avoid uncertainties and lower your logistics cost in general, you need a flexible, fully digitalized system that feeds information in both directions – and a solution that coordinates and monitors them in real-time.

Addressing these inefficiencies through automation holds great potential for huge cost reductions across the board.

With just a minimal initial setup cost for a digital approach, you will be shocked at the savings found throughout your entire supply chain.

The IMPARGO ShipperPortal is the solution

By implementing a fully digitalized and flexible system such as the IMPARGO ShipperPortal, you’ll be able to:

  1. Save up to 10% on transportation costs.
  2. Assign 3 times more truckloads per day.

The ShipperPortal acts as your logistics departments’ interface with all of your carriers, allowing you to easily manage your transports from creation to fulfillment.

This includes digital offer requests, order submissions, ETA Tracking and even digital proof-of-delivery.

The IMPARGO ShipperPortal simplifies your transport management process into a flexible, standardized format that can be used for both in and outbound shipments.

By moving to a fully digitalized shipment execution, you save money and minimise error rates by removing repetitive, menial processes, thereby ultimately becoming a more streamlined, transparent organization as a result.

Set up the IMPARGO ShipperPortal today

The IMPARGO ShipperPortal is entirely cloud-based.

This means the setup process is simple and you’re able to easily provide your staff with the ability to hit the ground running from day one.

For more information on how IMPARGO ShipperPortal can offer a seamless digital supply chain collaboration solution for your business, download our whitepaper today.

Alternatively, you can also contact the IMPARGO team to receive free personal consulting on your companies’ requirements and technical implementation.

Phone: +49-(0)-30-12083684
Email: info@impargo.de

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