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December 21, 2018

There are several reasons why a business owner might want to look into paying a third party to perform specific processes in their business, which include:

  • Specific processes are only required at certain times of the year
  • They can be performed more professionally
  • They can be delivered more cost effectively

Specific business processes lend themselves very well to being outsourced, such as the following eight.

1. Marketing

Unless you’re running a large corporation, having a marketing department is far too expensive. However, there is an alternative in the form of companies that specialize in digital marketing. There are also firms that specialize in more traditional forms of marketing, too.

2. Customer Support

Modern consumers like to be able to connect with companies twenty-four hours a day, which means customer support services always have to be available. This is why customer support is one of the most routinely outsourced business services, particularly telephone support. The work is outsourced to call centers, for example, because it can be done at a much lower cost. While it might be advantageous for businesses, the appeal of these call centers is not always welcomed by consumers.

3. Information Technology

It can be very advantageous to outsource the IT side of your business. It can include services such as website design, mobile and tablet applications, or support for a range of other business services that rely on IT. These can include shipping and procurement.

Technology progresses at such a fast rate that it can be challenging to keep up. Customers are very fickle creatures and will soon look elsewhere if your technology is not up to scratch. There is plenty of top quality tech talent you can hire, and the benefits are huge. Whether you want a mobile-friendly website design or need help with your startup software, IT services are worth looking into.

4. Security

Security has become a big concern for many small and large businesses. There is the constant threat of cyber attacks and hackers. Data breaches are another risk, which is why the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect in May 2018. If you’re concerned whether your business is meeting the requirements of these regulations, you can invest in the services of a GDPR consultant.

Strong cybersecurity measures are crucial for all businesses. Almost all companies now use technology in some form or another, which means your business is more susceptible to hackers than ever before. Hackers are also using more and more sophisticated methods which means your systems need protecting. It can be hard to keep up with the latest technology advances and hacker methods, but a cybersecurity firm will be able to work with you to implement security measures and protect your information.

5. Auditing

Audits are used to ensure a company is meeting its objectives and performing effectively. They are used to evaluate and make improvements in areas such as risk management, control, and governance processes. An audit also monitors and ensures compliance, can be used to investigate fraud and uncover where cost savings can be made. Outsourcing this aspect of your business can help to reduce cost and time, provide unbiased results, assure independence and be able to provide industry best practices. One example of an audit function that can be outsourced to a third party is a UPS audit. This is useful if your business uses parcel and freight services.

6. Accounting

This is a very popular business service that is often outsourced. If you’re running a small business, there may be no need to employ an accountant full time. Hiring an accounting service means there will be less likelihood of costly mistakes, they will have access to the latest taxation information and be able to offer informed business advice.

7. Admin

If you decide you want to outsource some of your admin duties your business will be able to make considerable savings. There will be far less reliance on full-time admin staff, a reduced need for office space and less office equipment will be required. Some of the tasks that can be done by a third party include:

  • Drafting and sending letters of authority
  • Asking providers for important information
  • Entering information into spreadsheets and back-office systems
  • Submitting online application forms
  • Chasing progress of applications
  • Inputting fees and commissions into spreadsheets and back-office systems

8. Recruitment

Using the services of a recruitment agency is becoming a popular option for many businesses. The most common reason is that it levels the playing field for companies with larger competitors. It also increases the chances of finding the best person for the job and reduces expenditure.

These are just a few examples of the business services you should be considering. Taking advantage of them will allow you to streamline your business processes and provide your customers and clients with a better experience.

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