Volume 5 | Issue 1 | Year 2009

Constructed in august of 1991, Semalo began its activities in Campo Grande with the inauguration of its first industrial unit, a modern and fully-equipped facility which would soon carry Semalo to the top of its segment. With an innovative concept and an efficient productive process, Semalo was quickly able to conquer new markets, and greatly diversified its product line. In May of 2000, seeking principally to attend to the markets of Northeast Brazil, Semalo opened its second industrial unit in Joao Pessoa. Today, Semalo is among the largest companies in its segment and its products have become a part of daily life for thousands of consumers. The company manufactures many food products under the brand name of Jumbitos, and has recently expanded to include many other brands.
“Semalo is and always has been a family company first and foremost,” says Euclecio Rabelo de Almeida, Semalo’s commercial director, “though we have gone through many changes and great growth in recent years. When founded, we worked only with flour. Today, we have expanded to work not only with flour, but with buckwheat and potatoes as well.”

“We have increased our international activity a great deal in the past years,” explains Rabelo de Almeida. Today, Semalo exports to all over Brazil as well as internationally to Bolivia, Paraguay and Argentina.”

Semalo’s products begin with the age old-favorite of popcorn, available in every flavor a five-year-old could dream of. The selection continues with fried snacks – a Brazilian favorite – in every flavor imaginable, including pizza, BBQ, and salami flavors. Jumbitos potato chips, popular throughout the area, are available in many traditional flavors as well as some more cutting-edge varieties, including lime, strawberry, salsa, BBQ, and shredded varieties. The multifaceted company also manufactures popular brands of gelatin snacks and powdered drink mixes.

“Our differential is the quality of raw material we use,” explains Rabelo de Almeida. “We are incredibly selective in the suppliers we work with, and the materials and ingredients we chose to utilize. It shows. We are known for foods of only the highest quality, whether they be for adults, children, or families.”

All Jumbitos products are manufactured in modern installations, under rigorous quality control processes that begin with selection of raw material and extend to cover packaging and distribution, guaranteeing a fresh and tasty product.

“We work with a very low production cost, and this has allowed us great success and also put us at an advantage from an innovative standpoint,” says Rabelo de Almeida. “We manufacture our own product brand, and are currently very interested in entering new markets, and in exporting to the most remote locations on the globe.”

Jumbitos has recently come out with a new product, adding excitement to the drink aisle. The beverage, known as “Frujito,” truly brings a new idea to the market. The drink comes with regular table sugar as a sweetener, aiming to steer consumers away from the harmful substances contained in many low- and no-calorie sweeteners today. In contrast to many other drinks available on the market, Frujito makes two liters instead of one, offering more bang to the costumer’s buck. The drink is 100-percent preservative-free and is a tasty delight.

Jumbitos was recently present at a huge fair of the Radio Club in Campo Grande, an event lasting for much of the summer. A major summer festivity for families with young children, Jumbitos took part by offering savory snacks, sweet beverages, and countless other delicacies to ensure a great day for children who made their way to the fair. Many Brazilian companies, large and small, took part, and Semalo was there as always to represent a leader in the industry. The event involved over 500 children, and lasted almost from sun-up to sun-down, every weekday. The Semalo marketing team made its presence known in bright Frujito t-shirts and larger-than-life beverage containers, and generated great success. In addition, twice a week Somalo promotes an exciting visit to the factory for children in private and public schools up to 13 years old. The company assembles displays with snacks, preparing soft drinks and kits for the children to take home. “It is a form of value to our company and opens our doors to our most important customers: children. New features are planned for the children’s tour in 2009, including a footbridge over the area of output, which will help visitors fully understand our operation,” Rabelo de Almeida says.

So Semalo has built a presence in its sector by offering quality products at reasonable prices, expanding its operations to meet the increasing demand for its products. It works in a highly competitive sector and one which is in a constant state of flux as manufacturers strive to meet the desires of a nation hungry for exotic and fresher tastes. But Semalo is more than able to meet the challenge.

“Today we work out of two factories, equipped with the most modern and cutting-edge equipment,” explains Rabelo de Almeida. “The first factory is located in Campo Grosso, and the second in Joao Pessoa, state of Paraiba. But this is only the beginning, and we have our sights set internationally.”

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