Here we explore how you can stand apart from the competition and be interview ready.

There’s very little that compares to the nerve-wracking anticipation of a job interview. Even if you’re well-versed in your interview question answers, and you’ve had several interviews this month already, it’s safe to say that you can’t rest easy.

If you’re struggling to land a job at the moment, you’re not alone. The job market is currently saturated due to covid-19 affecting so many different industries. However, that doesn’t mean you should give up hope. With some careful planning and forward-thinking, you might just be in luck this time around. Here we’ll explore how you can stand apart from your competition and be interview ready.

Be more memorable with striking eyewear

It’s not easy to be memorable when your potential employer is seeing several hundred applicants within a short space of time. You may have the right answers to all the questions, however, if you’re not memorable enough, then you may be overlooked. This is where a stunning and carefully chosen pair of glasses could work in your favor. Eyewear is the perfect way to make yourself stand apart from the competition and you’ll find a brilliant range of frames available online at EyeBuyDirect.

The right pair of frames can make you appear meticulous and approachable, traits that are highly sought after in a wide variety of industries. Wearing a beautiful pair of glasses in a particular style or bold color can also work as a conversation cue and lead on to an interesting story that makes you stand apart from the other candidates.

Be respectful and polite to everyone you meet

Contrary to popular belief, your interview begins long before you nervously sit down in front of your potential employer. From the moment you step through the doors, you should greet everyone with a smile, be polite, respectful and consider every interaction crucial to your employment prospects. You’re more likely to be remembered as a personable and amiable candidate if you make a good impression with everyone you interact with, from the busy receptionist to the helpful person who holds the door open for you as you leave.

Arrive early

It’s basic interview advice, but arriving early not only ensures you’re on time for your interview. It also shows that your keen to impress and crucially, it gives you plenty of time to compose yourself before you go in. You’ll have time to go over those killer answers, remember all those examples of exemplary customer service and to revise your CV. You can get to know your surroundings, see how things work, strike up conversations with other waiting candidates and have time to calm your nerves before you’re greeted by your interviewer.

Set the bar high

A classic interview question, and one you need to smash if you’re going to be a memorable candidate. “Tell me about yourself” sounds like the simplest question in the world, however you wouldn’t be the first person to forget everything about themselves in that very moment. Whatever answer you choose to give, ensure your likes, passions and strengths are linked to your interest in the role you’ve applied for. It’ll help you stand out from the other candidates and tick plenty of boxes to ensure a callback.

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