Easy steps to save you time during title and registration renewals.

By Rich Pinnock, ACERTUS executive vice president, fleet services

While companies with fleets are mostly back up and running after last year’s COVID-19 shutdowns, they’re still coming face-to-face with backlogs when it comes to their title-and-registration needs. Even though nearly all Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) locations across the country are reopening under continued COVID-19 precautions with restricted working hours and limited staff availability, workload continues to be high nationally, as DMV locations struggle to process backlogged documentation, take on incoming requests and handle day-to-day operations. 

With DMVs typically prioritizing individuals over businesses, delays are particularly frequent for companies that need assistance with fleet title-and-registration services. This can lead to further delays for companies hoping to quickly move on to their other fleet operations. Beyond these already-existent backlogs, there are even longer delays in certain states, where wait times for vehicle-registration renewals or initials are exceeding an average of 20, 30 or even 40-days.

Despite companies facing extreme difficulties working through title-and-registration service needs and getting requests processed in any sort of timely fashion, there are a few different steps they can take to keep this work moving and steer clear of unnecessary setbacks. 

DMV Delays Rampant Across the Country

DMV-office delays are rampant in all states right now. In the top states experiencing the longest delays for renewals and initial requests, the average vehicle renewal turnaround time is 29 days, while the average initial turnaround time is 26 days. This means it is even more important to get your fleet’s title-and-registration documentation submitted as quickly and accurately as possible.  

Ways to Move Faster and Avoid Further Delays 

Business delays due to DMV backlogs can be costly, inefficient and downright aggravating for companies with fleet title-and-registration needs that must be addressed. But there are a few different ways companies can work around some of these current DMV challenges and keep the overall process moving forward.  

Proactiveness is critical to save time. Accuracy, thoroughness and consistency are all necessary when it comes to title-and-registration work. If any documentation contains inaccuracies, incomplete sections or inconsistencies, it will be sent back for correction, causing even further delays to an already-backlogged reality. Make sure to closely and carefully go through all paperwork and records to ensure all fields are completed with the correct information; this will mitigate any risks of additional delays due to an error. 

Whenever possible, companies with fleets should submit their title-and-registration documents early. This allows important, extra time to be carved in for companies, despite the current DMV capacity constraints – and this route should be considered for businesses operating in states that offer digital title-and-registration options. While this won’t necessarily remove the need for any hard-copy paperwork, such as with certificates of title, it does help minimize the amount of paperwork, keeping the work streamlined and simplified. 

How a Trusted Partner Can Help 

Expert title-and-registration providers like ACERTUS can manage all these services on behalf of a company and its fleet, taking full advantage of its relationships with DMV connections, organizational benefits and tech-based solutions.  

When a business decides to outsource titling and registration work in this way, a trusted partner helps the company identify its specific needs, informing the company whenever additional information, data or documentation is necessary to make progress. 

Working with a provider, gives companies direct and immediate access to all their fleet records right at their fingertips. In many cases, companies with fleets can submit their vehicle-registration requests to the team via the online portal, notifying team members that they need to upload and check digital documents. This helps to expedite the process, allowing the company to quickly spot any errors or blank spaces online, and easily communicate to get any issues addressed well before that company ever sends out hard-copy paperwork, preventing any unnecessary headaches or hassle in the process. 

To connect with an ACERTUS team member, visit ACERTUSdelivers.com or call: 855-ACERTUS (855-923-2655).  

Rich Pinnock Acertus, Industry Today
Rich Pinnock

Rich Pinnock brings more than 20 years of experience in the supply chain and logistics space. Most recently, Pinnock served as Vice President and Chief Information Officer of AmeriFleet. Prior to that, Pinnock worked at a leading fleet management company where he focused on strategic planning and new venture development. Pinnock previously worked in the financial sector as a financial consultant. Pinnock is a graduate of the University of Baltimore and earned his MBA in International Business and MS in Electronic Commerce from the University of Maryland.

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