If you are in marketing, consulting or coaching this applies to your field.

Visualization Hack – Chase Jarvis – what I do is instead of just visualizing what I want to do, I imagine the headline to the thing that I’m looking to create. For instance, Just Closed on a Laguna Beach Property or Had a Chance to be a Keynote Speaker at the Next Big 10 Conference. Basically, something that might be my own goal and then others that might have a social significance. So, it works extremely well, and the best time to look at these visualizations is right after meditation where your mind is very open!

Get All Your Senses Involved Hack – John Assaraf – How to go from goal SETTING to GOAL ACHIEVING Visualization – so when I was young I was very lucky to go to a real estate workshop where a kind of mentor to me started teaching me the ways on how to be successful. And this was a guy who was extremely successful from a sense of being able to make money, had wealth, loving family, he essentially had it all. And so one of the things he had me do is he said “hey I want you to go home I want you to write down all your goals, everything that you want to have in the next three years and I want you to tell me how much money you’re going to make, wealth, relationships, health, mindset, charity, fun, experiences, all the things that you want to accomplish and then meet me back here tomorrow.”

So, I thought he was nuts, but I did it anyway and I started writing down all my goals. The next day I came in he said OK, I want you to look at these goals every morning at 7:30 and I want you to read them out loud. And as you read them I want you to run your fingers through them so you can literally go through and while you’re going through with your fingers I want you to feel what it’s like to actually have that and then I want you to see it, see it like you’re living that type thing of life. At the time he didn’t really know what he was doing, but what he was doing was causing me to create new neuro pathways in my brain that did not exist before. And then he had me write down about beliefs and he said OK so what type of beliefs would you have to believe in order for you to do that. I said well I guess I would have to believe that I’m smart enough, but I don’t. He said I don’t want to know about what you don’t, just tell me what you think you would need to believe in order to be able to accomplish this. So, I said I think I would have to believe that I am worthy enough, deserving enough, good enough, all those things. So he said OK great so I want you to take all these and I want you to record it and then while you’re driving I want you to listen to it every day, so when you’re going to show a real estate property or going home just listen to it every day until you can literally repeated verbatim anytime I ask you.

By this time, again I didn’t know what he was doing but having me hear it and memorize it as well. All these things were adding to replacing my Nuro pathways. At the time I was 19 and I thought this is freaking ridiculous and ludicrous! What the heck is he having me do? But I wasn’t where I wanted to be and he was successful so I did it anyway and sure enough, in my first year I made $35,000, but then the second year as I continue to do it I made over $150,000 which is five times more and then after that he added more skills where I was able to eventually break seven figures simply by applying what I now called these great visualization techniques. And it was these visualization techniques that took me from being goalsetting, to goal achieving that incorporated all 5 of yours senses!

Rewire your Brain Hack – John Asaraf – Why visualization and self-talk works – When I first started doing this visualization and self-talk, my brain just thought it was complete BS because what I was saying was not my reality at the time! So, I always say we have two types of beliefs; empowering, and disempowering, because no matter what you believe it’s going to be true to you. So as I continued to do the visualization and self-talk and listen to the recordings something was happening and within 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, my brain and the Nuero pathways said, well it doesn’t appear that you believe these old beliefs so why don’t we make these new beliefs real and make those your new default setting.

So, after a while I saw this was working, but then I wanted to ask myself why is it working? Why is visualization and emotionalizing and feeling at creating this false sense of feeling, why does it work? Because I wanted to understand it and why should I spend more time on this than something else. So, with emotionalizing what happens when you create a false sense of feeling of what it would be like for you to be in that state, your brain chemicals release dopamine which is the feel-good chemical that activates the reward center of the brain! So, chances are when we release the feel-good neuro chemical, we are activating the motivational center of the brain. So, when we visualize, when we set a goal when we emotionalize, the release of these original feel good Nuero chemicals, dopamine and serotonin, and then if we shared with others, oxytocin, these three neuro chemicals are the Neuro chemicals of achievement!

But then there’s the other side of it, the other Neuro chemicals, they are released from fear and stress, like cortisol, can be released as well. So this is the science behind why visualization, self-talk and emotionalizing work!

The Kinds of Vision Boards Hack – John Assaraf

It’s right on the boards that you can create to help you visualize where you want to go. Now there’s 3 kinds of boards.

The first ones that we call a vision board, which is to put pictures of all the things that you want to have in your life and envision that make you happy and feel successful feel fulfilled.

Second is, we have is an accomplish board as we have a tendency to forget that we have done a lot of stuff, and we have a lot of accomplishments, so you want to have an accomplishment board to remind you of all the things that you’ve already accomplished up to this point. The fact that if you can do those things then you can do whatever the new project, you’re focusing on now is. And remind you that I was in all those accomplishments I had to deal with a lot of success failures challenges but I pushed through it and if I can do that that I can take on this new project or current adversity I’m dealing with!

The third one is what I call the crap board. And here’s what Crap stands for! The C stands for conflicts, which is the conflict you are dealing with right now, but in pictures of either the person or the emotion or something when you’re working through on the board. Resistance is what are you resistant to. So, what are you resisting and it’s keeping you from reaching your success putting those pictures when there’s the person wearing a thing or emotion on the board?

The fourth one is accomplishments, which again are the accomplishments you have had and remind you of what you’re capable of on the fourth part is procrastination which is what’s keeping you from taking action now, which could be fear of failure, fear of success, imposter syndrome, of not knowing whatever it might be that’s keeping you from taking the next step. So the magic of building your crap board is it allows you to take all the things that are going on in your mind and put it on the board and by doing that thing that you’re dealing with or focusing on working on now has a cognitive dissonance with your brain once you take it out and put it on the board. So now you can actually focus on the issue or the challenge versus allowing it to just keep rolling around in your head. So, you use the crap board to get all the crap out of your head and then board your accomplishments to remind you what you been able to do in the past and we could do it again. The vision board is to remind you where you’re headed for the future! Between all three you have everything you need to plan out visually what kind of life you want to create!

To Command and Work Hack – David Metzer – How to Manifest in your life – I watched the secret and was actually on one of their boards and they’re like now guys driving a Ferrari that I manifested this. Well people should know that manifestation means to command or to work with and the magic is it has a word “work” in there. It took a lot of work for me to get my Ferrari. I wasn’t high on my mom ‘s couch or just hoping that it would happen! It took conscious action to make it happen. So, the next time you talk about manifesting what I taught others, yes, we’ve got to dream about it, but you also got to put together a plan and then take conscious action towards making that happen. Remember, manifesting means to command or to work with which means the manifest means you have to do the work to make it a reality.

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