Volume 11 | Issue 1 | Year 2008

Mi-T-M Corporation, Peosta, Iowa, was founded in 1971 and is still owned by former painting contractor, A.J. Spiegel. His keen understanding of the needs of his trade led to the development of hot and cold pressure washers, portable generators, air compressors, wet-dry vacs, and other products that are geared toward the professional. Spiegel started by selling his equipment out of his truck. But over the years, Mi-T-M has grown to become a company recognized worldwide for its commitment to excellence in engineering design, manufacturing technology, quality control, and customer care.
The small town of Peosta grew up around the company’s sprawling facility where Mi-T-M is a key employer of 340 dedicated workers. This little gem of a company is no longer a well kept secret however. Mi-T-M was written up in the prominent Kiplinger Letter recently for another line of offerings, its water recycling technologies, used at car washes and golf courses. These systems are critically important as water shortages continue in the Western and Southern U.S.

“Mi-T-M Corporation understands the importance of protecting the environment through water conservation, clarification, and recycling, and developed a wide selection of state-of-the-art water treatment systems and accessories easily capable of performing all three tasks,” Spiegel said.

In addition to its own brands, the company is a contract manufacturer of pressure washers for Sherwin Williams and an assortment of John Deere products. The renowned durability of its products makes them popular with rental equipment companies also.

The company is situated at the crossroads of Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin and recently assisted several Gulf Coast states, ramping up production of generators and other equipment in response to the rebuilding effort following Hurricane Katrina. Mi-T-M makes a unique combination generator/air compressor that is especially helpful for crews working at sites in need of power and air.

Product Lineup
The company’s pressure washer lines offer a wide variety of hot or cold water, electric or gasoline, diesel or natural gas, direct or belt drive, portable or stationary pressure washers to fit the toughest cleaning applications. “We are known for our cold water pressure washers with several classifications: homeowners, agriculture, heavy duty for large producers such as industrial, automotive, and government. They cover a wide range of industries,” said Karen Anderson, marketing manager. “Hot water washers are used for jobs that require a higher temperature to break down and remove heavy grease or grime.”

One of its leading products is the CA Series aluminum pressure washer, the ultimate answer for those applications requiring a lightweight, yet durable unit that is also extremely easy to handle. It features a performance-proven engine with low oil protection, direct-drive triplex piston AR pump with ceramic plungers, thermal relief valve, adjustable pressure, stainless steel and brass unloader, forged brass manifold, in-line water strainer, professional grade insulated trigger gun with safety lock-off and several warranties on the pump, engine and parts.

Portable and stationary air compressors are designed to meet the needs of the industrial and contractor professional who insists on quality tools and years of dependable service. In terms of air output, Mi-T-M’s air compressors are about 10 percent more powerful than competitors’ equipment. “One of the things we have over our competition is a two-year warranty. Most of the competition offers 90 days to a year,” Anderson said.

Mi-T-M’s quality-built and professionally engineered industrial portable generators are construction grade and loaded with quality features for the most demanding applications. The company makes a clean, quiet 1,650-watt hand-carry generator that is perfect for the RV industry. The inverter technology reduces size, weight, noise and fuel consumption and produces high-quality AC power for sensitive electronic equipment.

Wet/dry vacs are designed for professional use. These dependable vacuums offer stackability, durability, ease of operation, low noise level, and unique air filtration features.
Other products include jobsite tool storage boxes providing superior protection for tools and work gear in a truck or at the work site. The Mi-T-M Cool Cut® Metal Cutting Saw is faster, cleaner, safer and more affordable than other metal cutting equipment. It cuts steel as easily as cutting plywood.

Custom water treatment systems include biological systems, oil/water/solids separators, wash water recycle systems, and pit systems.

State-of-the-Art Plant
Mi-T-M’s manufacturing processes are housed in a 850,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art manufacturing and distribution facility consisting of 13 production lines and 10 quality testing stations. With the incorporation of sophisticated equipment systems such as the latest technology in laser cutters, robotic welders, and seven-stage powder-coat paint systems, Mi-T-M never compromises the quality of its products. Every metal part is designed and manufactured in-house, allowing flexibility to develop equipment for customers with distinctive requirements. (Contract manufacturing represents nearly one-third of the company’s business.)
The most important factor that distinguishes the company from its competition is quality.

Quality assurance follows each individual part from initial fabrication through final assembly. Mi-T-M’s quality control staff requires all equipment meet strict and disciplined specifications. “We work directly with engine and pump OEMs to ensure they satisfy our stringent requirements that all components meet or exceed customers’ expectations,” Anderson said. By utilizing the latest technology in welding and quality control laser equipment, Mi-T-M produces faster turnaround, increased output, lower costs per part, reduced scrap and rework, and ultimately higher customer satisfaction.

In addition, Mi-T-M has established itself as a certified testing facility, which further supports an uncompromising commitment to deliver quality products to the marketplace. Certification applies to pressure washers, air compressors, wet/dry vacuums, water treatment systems and portable generators.
The company recently completed a 400,000-square-foot distribution facility, proving that there still is a market for exceptional U.S.-made equipment that vastly out-performs the competition.

“It’s a quality and longevity issue in terms of how they’re built compared to products sold at big box stores,” Anderson said. “We have a lot of markets we haven’t tapped into and look forward to continued growth.”

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