Volume 12 | Issue 2 | Year 2009

Since its inception in 1977, FINSA has been cultivating a customer-centric service culture through a team of dedicated professionals and shareholders. Today, FINSA is internationally recognized in the automotive, metal-mechanic, electric and electronic, aerospace, medical and 3PL industrial sectors for quality, dedication and commitment, nurtured by the trust and continued business from its distinguished customers. The company’s service portfolio includes the lease and sale of turnkey build-to-suit and inventory facilities, property management and the management of industrial parks.
FINSA’s aggressive growth objectives help it to continue developing yearly, in excess of 3.5 million square feet of industrial space, sustaining a compounded annual growth rate of 20 percent. Residential and commercial/retail real estate sectors present new opportunities for FINSA to broaden its scope in the near future.

FINSA’s corporate headquarters are located in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, one of Mexico’s industrial development engines. Through its 17 strategically located industrial parks in Mexico, Southern United States and Argentina, FINSA provides its customers with Class A industrial space and fully infrastructured territorial reserves to accommodate the requirements of the most demanding and complex projects.

Whether leasing or acquiring industrial assets, FINSA integrally manages the complete life cycle of the project, focusing on its key elements for success: from the initial requirements definition and site selection stages to the actual state-of-the-art design and construction, delivery, full commissioning and the management of the completed facility. Capabilities include:

  • site selection and consulting, from the “know how” of the critical success factors of the environmental and market studies, to the “know who” of public and government relations;
  • infrastructure development for all public services from the electrical power supply and public lighting, natural gas, land development, to the industrial water treatment plants, sanitary and storm sewage;
  • state-of-the-art design, engineering and construction;
  • build-to-suit and inventory facilities for lease or sale;
  • industrial space market studies and analysis;
  • environmental impact studies;
  • real estate development and asset management;
  • industrial parks management and maintenance;
  • public and government relations;
  • asset management;
  • general management for third parties;
  • Brokerage.

FINSA’s portfolio of services provides integrated solutions to the most demanding requirements of complex and sophisticated industrial real estate projects; these include:

  • Built to Suit Construction: Detailed design of industrial space offering complete turnkey solutions to the specific requirements of each customer, ready for operation under the sale or lease modalities.
  • Inventory Buildings: Industrial space suitable for rapid deployment and ready to receive the customer’s set up. Inventory facilities are the perfect candidate for projects requiring immediate occupancy under a sale, lease or shelter operation.
  • Sale Lease-Back: The Sale and Lease back service provides the customer with convenient financing to enable investment opportunities in its core competencies by selling or “liquidating” its owned “non core” real estate, while maintaining the control of the asset though a flexible long term lease.
  • Integrated Developments: FINSA promotes the sustainable planned urban development of communities by effectively integrating the housing, commercial/retail and industrial real estate components in its projects.

FINSA is constantly searching for strategic investment opportunities suitable to broaden its territorial reserves throughout Mexico and abroad for the benefit of its customers.

World class infrastructure, close proximity to an abundant, qualified labor force combined with the availability of public services in an integrated flexible manufacturing and logistics design are FINSA Industrial Parks’ key differentiators from the competition.

The company’s developments offer effective urban planning through strategically integrating housing, commercial/retail and industrial elements in a unique approach that generates a positive experience, in which people can live close to where they work, play and shop.

In addition, FINSA’s value proposition deployed through its exclusive industrial park locations has significantly benefited automotive OEMs like General Motors, Volkswagen and their associated multitier supply chain customers. Important cost savings and improved efficiencies of the supply chain for automotive OEMs are achieved through the optimization of inventory and logistic operations. The elimination of warehousing space, packaging, the minimization of transportation lead times and distances, while improving the total quality of the process, result in improved supplier-customer responsiveness and overall customer satisfaction. “Just in Time” (JIT) and “Just in Sequence” (JIS) programs are the backbone for competitiveness in the automotive supply chain.

FINSA is committed to the environment as well as the safety and security of its customers. Design and construction, as well as the administration of all industrial parks and real estate assets, are always formulated in strict compliance with international standards, ample access routes, readily available services, safety and security measures, open green areas and environmentally friendly initiatives.

Through advanced design, architecture and construction initiatives the company strives for harmony with nature. In addition, FINSA’s good neighbor policies promote social development programs such as the construction of schools, day-care and community centers as well as low income housing.

FINSA is the first in Mexico developing an industrial facility certified by LEED, within FINSA Guadalupe Industrial Park, welcoming a new generation of energy-efficient buildings that help customers both protect the environment while providing important cost advantages. The company’s business strategy is to establish a win/win partnership that will exceed customers’ expectations. This business model continues to reward FINSA with more than half of the new business leads coming precisely from an established customer base. FINSA’s success is measured by its customers and is driven by a mandate to continue developing great ideas in years to come.

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