Volume 11 | Issue 6 | Year 2008

Richard D. Hall founded Hall Tank in 1952, establishing the company’s reputation for quality, service and value. Still family owned and operated, Robert Hall, the founder’s grandson, now sees to it that Hall Tank continues his grandfather’s vision. “My grandfather founded this company on some pretty basic but steadfast principles,” says Hall, president of Hall Tank. “It may seem cliché, but our tanks are quite well known in the industry. We sell only the finest. We are large enough to have a fleet of delivery trucks and yet small enough to give careful attention to the delivery of every tank we build. Your tank is really important to us.”
Part of the larger Hall Group, which includes Hall Manufacturing and Hall Logistics, Hall Tank is located in North Little Rock, Ark. where it occupies a hefty 150,000 square feet of manufacturing space over eight acres. The company owns another 12 acres of property, which will allow for strategic growth.

Hall Tank caters to convenience store companies, major oil companies, and companies that maintain truck fleets and their own filling stations. They sell directly to major oil companies and convenience store chains but most of their sales are done through distributors located throughout the Southeast and Southwest. The company’s distributors also handle all company installations.

Hall Tank offers a complete line of double wall underground tanks, Elutron® underground tanks, single wall tanks, fire-tested tanks, rectangular and vertical tanks, as well as a whole host of options and accessories for inventory.

Early on, a technology known as Elutron propelled Hall Tank forward in the marketplace. “This is a process in which a steel tank is coated in a fiberglass coating. The process we use creates an interstice that allows for vacuum monitoring to detect leaks. So you have a dual wall tank that gives you the quality of a dual wall steel tank but with the protection against the rust and corrosion with the fiberglass coating. It is a lot less expensive than a double walled tank or a double fiberglass tank,” says Greg Davis, vice president of marketing and sales for the Hall Group.

The Plasteel FRP jacket encapsulates the steel primary tank providing a UL listed and tested exterior corrosion protection system for the Plasteel Double Wall Elutron jacketed Tank. The inner primary steel tank is assembled, welded and tested for tightness. “There has never actually been a documented external corrosion failure of any Plasteel Tank,” says Davis.

Created for use by retailers, commercial fleets, school districts and others who seek a simple and inexpensive way to add a fuel type to their line, Hall Tank’s Easy Tank product takes a “plug and play” approach.

The above-ground tank comes completely equipped with pump, mini-canopy, flow meter, required electronics and credit card access. It is a pre-engineered system, fully assembled, and code compliant delivered directly to the customer’s site for easy install.

“We’ve really geared this toward our bio fuel industry customers and for service stations or businesses that want to incorporate bio fuel into their system without going into the extra expense of going through an install,” explains Davis. “The end-user simply needs to provide a concrete pad with electrical service. It is really that simple. Easy Tank is environmentally friendly, economical and a great way for our customers to expand their revenues.”

Easy Tank can store several different types of oil, fuel or diesel in one central location. It comes complete with hoses, reels, pumps, and a drip pan. Other options include single compartment or dual compartments, which allow customers to split the tank into separate compartments for multiple products.

Hall Tank also recently introduced its Easy Cube product, a ready-to-use rectangular lube tank. “The Easy Cube is designed to make life simple for the C-Store owner,” says Davis. Easy Cube is a space-saving, fully equipped tank that is ready to use when delivered. It can store several different types of oil, fuel, or diesel in one central location and comes with hoses, reels, pumps, a drip pan and other options.

Easy Cube is available in single-wall, double wall, and Fireguard® configurations. It can be used by retailers, commercial fleets, school districts and others wanting a simple convenient, economical way to store lube and fuel products. “Easy Cube is really great for our customers with tight spaces,” says Davis.

Hall Tank is always looking to further enhance its customer service, increase manufacturing capabilities and develop additional products to meet changing environmental demands.

“Right now we’re watching bio energy and other replenishable fuels. We’re watching this space very carefully,” says Davis.

In addition, there are a lot of states that are now requiring all new construction for fuel containment and dual containment for fuel tanks. “We’re on top of this as well and direct our customers to the best fuel tanks for their safety and the safety of everyone.”

Hall Tank believes in building products that last and look to partner with their customers. “We feel like being a partner is a very important part of a relationship with your customers. We’re always thrilled to work with our customers and work toward projects together to get the best results possible. We can be responsive because of our devotion to a lean manufacturing philosophy and we are always dedicated to the customization and durability of each and very tank,” says Davis.

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