Volume 2 | Issue 4 | Year 1999

Steel-strong and high-tech precision manufacturing: a few reasons for Seagrave’s 100-year production of fire apparatus.

Like the firefighters driving them, Seagrave Fire Apparatus units are safe, strong and durable. With more than 100 years’ experience backing them, Seagrave customers can rest assured that their fire-fighting fleet of Seagrave fire apparatus is ready to respond to any fire emergency. The formidable Seagrave name has been at the forefront of firefighting since 1881, when the company produced its first fire engine from its Clintonville, Wis., manufacturing plant.

State-of-the-art Integrity

Whether customers choose Seagrave’s aerial ladder trucks or custom pumpers, they are always assured of high-tech units that meet Seagrave’s superior standards of state-of-the-art manufacturing. The company’s single-source responsibility assures customers of integrally designed, engineered and manufactured units. All the company’s fire apparatus are produced exclusively by Seagrave. The Seagrave name is synonymous with integrity and precision. It also is synonymous with dependability, offering nationwide factory and dealer service after he sale.

People usually do not consider that a responding fire truck racing to save people and property from the wrath of a fire will itself be the subject of an emergency. However, Seagrave’s engineers do. “Getting to the fire scene can be as dangerous as fighting the actual fire,” say Seagrave personnel. In fact, Seagrave takes seriously life’s contingent experiences. That is why Seagrave’s fire apparatus is constructed of heavy-gauge galvanneal steel.

Such a double emergency occurred recently as a speeding automobile, traveling at over 70 miles per hour struck a Seagrave fire truck responding to a fire emergency. The force of the car caused the fire unit to roll over. The structurally superior design of the Seagrave cab enclosure erased tragedy; and the fire crew, who were wearing safety belts, escaped with only minor injuries. The only company offering a steel-enclosed cage for firefighter protection, Seagrave boasts cabs built with more structural integrity than any cab on the market. Safer and stronger are features that give Seagrave the industry edge. Seagrave’s exclusive substantial three-inch rectangular steel tube sub-frame ensures the most unyielding platform in the business.

The completely enclosed all-steel cab superstructure is welded over the sub-frame. Seagrave’s reputation is so steel-solid that its cabs are the standard for the industry. When the company’s competition claim the cabs are overbuilt, Seagrave simply responds: “That’s a Seagrave.”

TDA Industry Leader

A pioneer in the aerial ladder industry, Seagrave manufactures several aerial units. The Patriot Tractor-Drawn Aerial (TDA) is the perfect choice for navigating narrow streets or congested traffic situations. Seagrave’s state-of-the-art engineering and design allow the unit to respond more effectively to an emergency. And because Seagrave is a single-source manufacturer of the entire unit, including chassis and aerial device, divided responsibility is thereby eliminated and customers are assured of a well-integrated unit.

Seagrave is the industry leader in the manufacture of TDA units. With their superior equipment and ground ladder storage capabilities, and the most maneuverable aerial ladder truck on the market, Seagrave TDAs are the most preferred in the marketplace.

Seagrave TDA features include aerial control pedestals, large aluminum treadplate turntables, all-steel aerial ladders and easy-access/egress-tiller cabs equipped with access ladders, handrails and large aluminum grip-strut steps.

Apollo 105 Aerial Platform

The Seagrave Apollo 105 Aerial Platform is a superior unit, easily outperforming the competition. An industry front-runner, the Apollo 105 is ready to handle any challenge. Equipped with a two-way radio system, lines of communication are always open between the platform and the turntable.

With an all-systems approach to manufacturing its fire apparatus, Seagrave has exceeded its challenge in producing the toughest chassis in the industry. Unsurpassed in strength, durability and safety, the all-steel cab and aerial continues to be the No.1 choice in the industry.

Safety First

It is obvious that Seagrave engineers had in mind the safety of people’s lives when they designed the Apollo 105; and they also considered the safety of property when they designed the aerial waterway, capable of discharging an im-pressive 2,000 gallons of water per minute. Flexibility in such a large rig also was considered, and the challenge was met: The Apollo platform can be elevated from minus 5 degrees to 80 degrees, can be rotated a full 360 degrees and can be ex-tended to 105 feet.

The Seagrave Patriot Rear-Mount Aerial unit also comes equipped with all-steel aerial ladders for superior performance and longevity.

Marauders and Meansticks

The Seagrave Marauder says it all in its name. Nothing to fool around with, the Marauder custom pumper has an impressive list of general features and options designed with state-of-the-art technology. Whether customers choose a full-tilt cab with seating up to six or a split-tilt cab with seating up to 10, the open design provides maximum communication capabilities. Polypropylene water tanks are standard equipment, and the Marauder uses Waterous and Hale fire pumps.

Galvanneal sheet metal is used in manufacturing the cab, pump compartment and body construction. Body seams are caulked to eliminate rust and corrosion, and all hidden areas are coated with automotive rust-proofing material prior to assembly. Stainless steel metal is an option Seagrave offers for ultimate strength and resistance to corrosion.

The Seagrave Meanstick means serious business. It is a full-featured NFPA-compliant at 75-foot and 500- pound Quint with the storage of a rescue pumper in an overall size that rivals a standard pumper. Highly maneuverable, it boasts a short 192-inch wheelbase. Its 136 cubic feet of storage is unmatched in the industry. With pumper and aerial capabilities, the Meanstick boasts a booster tank up to a 500-gallon capacity while achieving a full 115 feet of enclosed ground ladders.

Some of the Meanstick’s standard features include an easy-access hose bed, a Waterous 1000-gallons-per-minute two-stage pump, a full-length pre-piped telescopic waterway with an automatic nozzle, a three-section, 75-foot steel ladder with 500-pound tip load, an Allison HD-4060P automatic and Rockwell axles. All in all, a lean, mean, fire machine.

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