Teklynx print automation solution, Sentinel, helps Entertainment Earth create their ideal labeling environment with label print automation.

MILWAUKEE, WI – TEKLYNX International, the world’s leading barcode and RFID labeling software developer and solutions provider, today reported an implementation of advanced barcode label creation software, CODESOFT, and print automation solution, SENTINEL, helped online retailer Entertainment Earth increase print speeds and improve barcode label management for 33,000 products.

Entertainment Earth is an online retailer and wholesaler of licensed collectibles, including action figures, clothing, statues, prop replicas, games, vinyl figures, dolls, and toys. Headquartered in Simi Valley, California, Entertainment Earth has played a vital role in the distribution of these pieces since 1996.

With their past labeling environment, Entertainment Earth’s labeling process took hours or even days to just design and print labels. Three employees manage labeling and are responsible for 33,000 different products, so a solution that could help them accomplish high volume and keep a lean IT team was paramount. Entertainment Earth needed a barcode label software provider who could support their labeling needs to easily create modern pallet labels, adhere to international shipping requirements, and provide customer support along the way.

“We looked at TEKLYNX because we were not satisfied with the service and support we were getting with our previous solution. We were immediately impressed with our interaction with TEKLYNX and knew they were better suited to meet our needs for customer service along with labeling software that could meet our needs,” stated Gideon Shutman, Entertainment Earth. Entertainment Earth was looking for a labeling software provider that could:

  • Enable the flexibility needed for their custom label designs
  • Provide reliable customer support
  • Integrate seamlessly with their SQL database
  • Reduce the time employees spend from design to print
  • Automatically trigger print jobs from their ERP system

With their newly implemented CODESOFT and SENTINEL labeling solution, Entertainment Earth was able to cut the time from design to print by 75%, allowing employees to spend time on other tasks. “Compared to our old solution, it’s just so much faster to create and design labels. With the way we’ve integrated it into our SQL environment, it’s a lot easier than what we had before,” states Shutman. “All in all, CODESOFT and SENTINEL is just so much easier to work with.”

By receiving the customer support they craved and implementing an all-around easier barcode label printing solution, Entertainment Earth was able to continue their distribution seamlessly. “We take great pride knowing that our enterprise-level barcode labeling solution helped Entertainment Earth significantly improve print speed and ensure accuracy. Entertainment Earth now has peace of mind with their improved labeling solution, and as their partner, we’re committed to supporting them along the way,” states TEKLYNX General Manager, Doug Niemeyer.

To read more about Entertainment Earth’s experience with CODESOFT and SENTINEL, download the full case study. To learn more about TEKLYNX barcode labeling solutions, visit https://www.teklynx.com.

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