In an age when everything seems to be going digital, it can be easy to forget the importance of the good old-fashioned phone call. However, we shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss the humble phone call. Through the advent of click-to-call, the phone call has become more popular than it’s been in a long time.

So, what exactly is click-to-call? Click-to-call appears in search results when people look for your business on through their search engine or social media. This allows users to get in touch with your business within one swift click of a button.

You may ask, why are people still taking the time to make a call when they can just Google it? Well, you may be shocked to hear that not everything is easier to do online. Oftentimes, people just find it more convenient to phone as it allows them to quickly get an answer or accomplish a goal, source information not available online, or simply just talk to a real human being.

The figures back up the profitability of this growing trend. In 2016, global click-to-call revenue was $7.41 billion, and experts predict that this will reach $13.7 billion by 2020. Customers love the convenience and ease of click-to-call, with 51% of mobile users saying they “always” or “frequently” need to call a business from a mobile search ad.

So how can you make the most of the click-to-call opportunity for your business? The first thing would be to check out this highly informative infographic from M2 On Hold which takes you through how click-to-call can help your business. Learn more in the infographic and don’t let your competitors get ahead of you.

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