There are several logistics delivery service providers available with a variety of price points. Here is a look at the options.

Although choosing the right logistics delivery service for your particular needs can appear overwhelming at first, the process can be greatly simplified with this handy how-to guide. Various logistics delivery service providers are available in a variety of price points in most major North American cities. Contact one today for more information and to discuss options.

What is a Logistics Delivery Service?

In general, terms, a logistics delivery service provides clients with affordable delivery of parcels throughout around the globe. However, choosing a logistics delivery service also includes package warehousing, in addition to delivery options.

Types of Logistics Delivery Services

Logistics delivery services can be divided into three main categories, although many of these tend to overlap. For example, logistics delivery is often available via land, sea, or air.

  • Land – Land delivery options include by truck, by rail, and by truck and rail.
  • Sea – Sea delivery options often consist of freighter routes across oceans, or other bodies of water, such as waterways and rivers.
  • Air – Air options include commercial air cargo. These are often available nationally and internationally.

In addition, many logistics delivery companies specialize in e-Commerce fulfillment and shipping, parcel delivery and customs clearance, import and export services, storage and warehouse services, and custom logistics solutions.

  • e-Commerce Fulfillment and Shipping – e-Commerce fulfillment and shipping offers clients simple solutions and personalized approaches to all of one’s business needs, both small and large. Some examples of services include inventory management, safe handling, customizable shipping labels, and fast shipping and delivery.
  • Parcel Delivery and Customs Clearance – Parcel delivery and customs clearance offers clients an affordable approach to deliveries across borders, via land, sea, and air. Some examples of services include the delivery of small and medium parcels and lower costs.
  • Import and Export Services – Import and export services offer clients simple and easy import and export logistical solutions using the latest technology. Some examples of services include LTL (less than truckload) and FTL (full truckload) shipping services. Most types of items can be shipped, including perishables, such as food, as well as clothing, furniture, and other retail goods.

Fully Truck Load (FTL) – In particular, FTL refers to a shipping method in which a truck carries one dedicated shipment. This means that the shipment will get to its destination much sooner. It also means less handling of the product, since there is no transferring between trucks, mid transit. This will reduce the likelihood that the product is lost or damaged en route.

Less Than Truckload (LTL) – In contrast, LTL is great for small packages that do not require a full truck. Although it often costs less than FTL, it is can be slower as well. LTL is offered by many logistics deliver service providers.

  • Storage and Warehouse Services – Storage and warehouse services offer clients fully integrated warehouse management systems and services. This includes cycle counting, load planning, shipping, as well as providing restricted areas for items designated as high value. In addition, many storage and warehousing services also offer logistics optimization services, and easy tracking of all inventory and packages.
  • Custom Logistics Solutions – Finally, custom logistics solutions offer clients logistics solutions tailored to one’s particular needs. These can include clients who need packages and parcels delivered to remote areas, those who require air charters, or those who require customized shipping conditions.

Costs of Logistics Delivery Services

The costs of logistics delivery services depends on a variety of factors, including geographical location, complexity of routes and product, as well as reputation of provider.

Many business website offer handy logistics calculators to greatly simplify the process as well.

In particular, logistics costs can be broken down into a few main categories. These include direct costs, such as transport, storage, inventory, handling, communications and indirect costs, such as fixed and variable costs, the cost of supply, production and distribution, tangible and intangible costs, the cost of the development of logistics and projects recommended by the logistics, and strictly logistics costs.

Choosing the Right Logistics Delivery Service

Choosing the right logistics delivery service can be broken down into a series of steps, which greatly simplifies the process.

Firstly, consider asking friends, family, and coworkers for recommendations. Most people have had to ship something at some point.

Secondly, consider browsing Google reviews, as well as other business review websites, such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB). In addition, simply searching by keyword on your favourite search engine can yield great results. For example, consider typing in logistics delivery service plus your city name into Google. Visit these company websites, and read client testimonials. In addition, many businesses now have social media accounts. Consider following them for more information.

When choosing a logistics delivery service provider, be sure to consider reputation and knowledge of your particular industry. In addition, choose a provider that adapts to customer needs and satisfies demand. Providers that offer add-on services are recommended, which makes the process much smoother. Having to coordinate between two companies can cause confusion.

Consider logistics delivery services with worldwide presence. They will be able to deliver your packages much more smoothly and efficiently, even to remote locations. They will also be able to traverse customs with ease.

Do not hesitate to inquire about the logistics delivery service’s security and technology services. Will they be able to delivery our package in a safe and secure manner? Will they be able to supply IT support and services? Will you be able to track your package in case of delivery problems?

Finally, ensure that the logistics delivery service covers all modes of transportation. In particular, for air travel, ensure that they provide high output frequencies, consolidation services, direct cargo and charter services, and express services. For sea travel, ensure that they provide consolidated cargo services, project shipments, and container service or containerized cargo stations.

Choosing the perfect logistics delivery service is now easier than ever. Do not hesitate to contact one today to discuss pricing options and delivery routes.

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