The little black dress is suitable for every occasion regardless of the industry you work in or the career path you choose.

No matter what industry you work in, title you have, or career path you’re pursuing, there is one wardrobe choice every single woman should own. You most likely have heard this before, but it’s the classic little black dress. Indispensable, current, perfect for almost any occasion, you will always look put together.

Origins of Style

The Oxford Dictionary defines the little black dress as a woman’s short or medium-length dress that is suitable for almost any social engagement. It is essential because of its minimalism. The best designers in the world declare true style lies in form. Not in embellishments or garish trends. Black is a statement by itself. Its minimalism takes away everything unimportant, leaving itself to appreciate. A little black dress symbolizes effortless elegance, simplicity, and style. It is essential for every woman because it is iconic, versatile, and timeless.

The history of the little black dress dates back to the fact that black has always been a color that was rich in symbolism. In the early 16th century, black also represented wealth among Spanish Aristocrats and Dutch merchants, as it was quite expensive to produce the color. Then in the early 18th century, black represented romance and artistry. In the 1920s designer, Coco Chanel introduced the little black dress in Vogue making it a simple creation accessible to women of all social classes. The popularity continued through the Great Depression, as it was elegant, yet economical. Hollywood’s influence also added to its popularity, as other colors looked distorted on screen. During World War II, with widespread rationing of textiles and more women entering the workforce, the little black dress provided the perfect solution. Between the rise of Dior’s new fashions in the post-war era and Hollywood roles, the 1950s helped the little black dress transform into a symbol of sex and danger. Synthetic fibers became more popular as well which broadened the affordability and availability of designs. Who can forget the little black dress worn by Betty Boop, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, or Princess Diana. The little black dress truly has become this centennial’s choice for style and is still considered the Ford of fashion.

A Wise Investment

As women’s sizes fluctuate throughout seasons and ages, the little black dress is sure to make you feel beautiful. The little black dress has the perfect silhouette to provide a slimming look and has a special effect on the eyes that make any body type look more beautiful. An article published by the Huffington Post noted black is always a good choice in that it’s figure-flattering, easy to match, works well with any skin tone, and is sure to be a confidence booster. Uptown Style states the reason this is the best investment and woman could make is that this staple is not only timeless but also transitions from day to night and looks flattering on any body type.

Make The Look Your Own

Another reason why its versatility is so great is that it can be transformed depending on the choice of shoes, jewelry, scarf, jacket, belt, tights, purse, or any other accessory that makes it your own. For women looking for even more variety, depending on the occasion, you can choose from sleeveless, cap sleeves, three-quarter length, V-neck, boat neck, crew neck, square neck, mini, knee-length, and long. Find what works best for your body type. Keep in mind your frame and bust size, whether you’re petite, curvy, and leg length all play a role. When selecting a plus size little black dress, choose pieces that draw the eye to your best features. In colder seasons, adding a long jacket, blazer, shrug, sweater, or scarf keeps you cozier, while helping you look more on-trend.

Choosing a style that fits in all the right places is essential in making sure you not only look amazing but get the most bang for your buck. Be selective in material choices, make sure it’s comfortable, wrinkle-resistant, but most importantly makes you feel fabulous. Trends continue to change, but time has certainly proven the little black dress will never go out of style. The little black dress is always the solution for any occasion and you’ll be happy you invested in this quality piece that will make you look good for years to come.

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