Here is a list of today’s top medical technology startups.

Many medical technology startups are reshaping the healthcare field using innovative systems, software, tools, and devices. Here is a list of today’s top medical technology startups.

1. Truvian Health

Truvian Health is part of the blood-testing industry. They have developed the Point of Care Blood Testing System. And they provide comprehensive blood testing so that clients receive nutritional, blood count, blood sugar, and cholesterol information.

2. Protenus

Protenus hosts a healthcare compliance analytics platform that uses AI to protect patient privacy and suppress drug diversion. This startup helps institutions implement privacy policies and prevent incidents of controlled substance mishandling.

3. Aledade

Aledade assists independent primary care practices by providing personalized practice transformation services as well as actionable data. This startup fuses inventive workflow processes and technology to decrease hospitalizations, reduce spending, and ascertain that patients receive excellent care.

4. Happify Health

The Happify Health team consists of clinicians, digital experts, gaming experts, scientists, and researchers. This team has created innovative ways to help clients ameliorate their well-being and mental health. They have developed Kopa–a care delivery platform that supports users with chronic conditions.

5. Omada

Omada offers its clients a comprehensive digital care program. This program provides a client’s employees with 24/7 support. The program is tailored to every individual’s health needs and takes into account whether a person has ailments like diabetes or hypertension or is seeking preventative care.

6. Lunit

Lunit offers AI services to assist practitioners with precision diagnostics and precision medicine. They currently offer AI analyses for chest X-rays, mammographies, and tissue slides.

7. InferVision

InferVision is a high-tech startup that provides medical artificial intelligence services. This startup uses deep learning technologies to develop A.I.-driven applications management, data-mining research, and clinical application platforms.

8. Recursion

Recursion utilizes digital biology to re-engineer the drug discovery process. They take advantage of the target-agnostic approach and combine it with machine learning, automation, and biological image data to find novel treatments.

9. XtalPi

XtalPi is part of the pharmaceutical technology industry. This startup created the Intelligent Digital Drug Discovery and Development platform. This platform uses AI, quantum physics, and cloud-computing algorithms to make predictions crucial to drug development.

10. Unlearn

Unlearn has established a platform called Digital Twins. This platform uses computational data to expedite clinical trial studies. It also improves the efficacy of each study and sheds light on how patients will respond to certain treatments.

11. Science 37

Science 37 helps to advance clinical research by conducting virtual trials. They have designed an online platform to manage the activities, workflows, and systems involved in virtual trials so that people can participate in them from home.

12. Quartet

Quartet has built a platform that makes it easier for people to access mental health care. The platform takes into account an individual’s insurance plan, preferences, and clinical needs when matching him or her to the right mental health care program or practitioner.

13. BrightInsight

BrightInsight has generated a regulated digital health platform for the medical technology and biopharmaceutical fields. This platform is overseen by a Quality Management System that provides data and actionable insights to assist in the facilitation of drugs and digital health care.

14. Dispatch Health

Dispatch Health delivers medical care directly to patients’ homes by sending urgent health care professionals. Patients can make a request using an application or website. Dispatch Health’s medical professionals treat injuries as well as illnesses.

15. Vineti

Vineti has established a cell and gene therapy platform. The platform has software that launches and scales personalized cell, gene, and vaccination therapy. The company’s leading platform, Personalized Therapy Management, helps to simplify one of the most intricate medical supply chains and ensure compliance and safety.

16. Carrot Health

Carrot Health employs predictive and analytic modeling to produce insights for healthcare payers and providers. Healthcare payers use their insights to better their growth, market share, and population engagement. While healthcare providers use their insights to identify risks, secure new patients, and improve health outcomes.

17. TriNetX

TriNetX hosts a global health research network. The network helps research institutions, healthcare organizations, and pharmaceutical companies share information and collaborate on projects. TriNetX provides real-time access to clinical data.

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