Top tips to help you grow your Instagram following this year if you have been lagging.

Using Instagram as a social media marketer gives you an excellent opportunity to grow your brand to the highest heights. It gives you a massive following if you know how to play your cards well. Here are top tips to help you grow your Instagram following this year if you have been lagging.

1) Using An Instagram Follower Tracker

If you are going to grow your following, you need to know who your followers are, those who unfollow you, and those who do not follow you back. Doing all these is time-consuming, but using an Instagram follower tracker will help you find all the information.

To find some of the best apps that offer Instagram follower trackers, you can read this Bumped review. Some sites are not legitimate, but you can know the go-to places that will provide you with top-notch services. Using the tracker helps you find out which accounts you need to follow.

You can also discover how many new followers you have gained after posting an image. If there are accounts you follow and want to know if they follow you back, the tracker will give you an insight. There may be ghost accounts following, but they are of no use to you. If you discover them, you can unfollow them.

2) Consistency Is Key

Posting on your Instagram should be consistent, which means there should be at least one post a day. The more you post, the more followers and likes you are most likely going to get. Posting content regularly helps your content appear on the algorithmic timeline.

The timeline considers how often you post and if your content gets shared and receives a good engagement. Thus, you appear on the feeds of those who follow you. To attract more people, you need to post high-quality stories, live videos, and videos.

3) Use Hashtags

Hashtags may have started on Twitter, but it seems they are also active, effective, and useful on Instagram. You need to emphasize their use if you need to grow a massive following on your account. You may have to study the use of hashtags since not every one of them is suitable or relevant to your content.

Using location hashtags, for instance, can help reach your message to people in your area even if they are not your followers. The number of times you use hashtags in a single post also matters as using more than 30 may be too much. Be mindful of using hashtags that have a negative message as they may be among the banned ones, limiting the people who will see your posts.

4) Engage With Your Followers

Your followers are real people, and they would love to see you have an interest in their views. If they comment on your posts, you can also reply. People love appreciation, and the best you can do for your followers does not need to be a vast reward.

You can like their posts or their comments on your posts, and they will be willing to share your content with others and even invite them to select your page. If you only post and do not engage with those who comment, they will also go silent, which is not suitable for your account.

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