March 26, 2019

Though relatively new, Binomo has been consistently providing brokerage services to millions of traders globally.

As challenging as it could ever get in the ever-dynamic online market, Binomo has gone a step further to create effective trading and analytical tools, professional training resources and esteemed customer support that is geared to make your trading more satisfying.

Underlining its supremacy as the king on the online brokers, Binomo has been crowned severally, and its award cabinet is awash with plenty of trophies.

Enough with the niceties, here are five of the most compelling reasons why Indonesians should choose to trade with Binomo.

1) Demo Account Feature

In a bid to make the whole trading experience more friendly and accommodative to the beginners, Binomo offers a demo account that will allow new traders to experience the real trading conditions.

Here, the demo account is filled with $1,000 of virtual money, which you can use to test the waters.

The demo account will allow you to examine the various trading processes, but using virtual means and without risking your hard earned money.

What we like about the Binomo Demo account is that it will provide you with the benefits of a psychological nature. When you cross over to the real account, you will feel more confident than you would have felt without the terminal usage and basic knowledge of options trading.

Another highlight to the Binomo demo account is that you can accurately determine your prowess and proficiency in trading, thanks to the statistical tabulation of your trading results.

2) Sophisticated Analytical Tools

Technical analysis is a skill, which gets better with experience and study.

Now, if you are starting, you are likely to get frustrated at trading due to the wrong decisions blindly made.

With Binomo, however, the online broker will provide you with a gamut of enhanced analytical tools and other statistical packages that will greatly improve your decision-making process.

Remember that deciphering some of the trading information is challenging a task and you to make a successful trade, you need that information that cannot be gleaned from the charts.

This is where the Binomo analytical tools come to help you gain additional insights, and allow you to make better-informed trading decisions.

3) Low-Entry Requirements

Online trading, like casinos, has traditionally been reserved for the elites.

With the entry of Binomo, the rule of the game changed, and now, anybody regardless of the social status or affiliations can now become a Binary Options trader.

With a modest initial deposit of $10, a practical investment, any trader can become a trader.

Now, with such a modest initial investment, you might be forgiven to think there is a catch, maybe on low return on investments.

However, you’ll be surprised to learn that despite the low entry requirements, Binomo offers a steamy return on investment, averaging at 85%, which is at par with the average standards.

This is not to mention that with the minimum deposit, users will have access to all the analytical tools, support, special offers as well as tournaments.

4) Fast Payout

The faster payout is a feature that every trader wants on every trading platform.

Among all the available brokers we have reviewed, Binomo is certainly one of the fastest, and this is in addition to offering a wider choice of payment services.

According to client agreement on all trading platforms, it states that the withdrawal of money should take less than 24 hours. Binomo, however, has stepped up to its game and has shortened the prescribed limit allowing you to withdraw from the platform between a record time of 4-6 hours depending on the platform.

With Binomo, payment is always at your fingertips.

5) Variety of Trading Assets

Variety is the spice of life.

Binomo is constantly updating and expanding its catalog of assets, and at the moment, the broker has over a whopping 70 types of assets available for trading.

On the Binomo platform, you can now find a plethora of crypto, indices, stocks, metals, commodities, a variety of currency pairs and so much more.


There is a reason why Binomo has been catapulted at the pinnacle of the online trading domain.

Excellent trading conditions, superb customer care, the presence of analytical tools among other features, are just some of the reasons why you should also make a date with Binomo today.

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